21 Nov

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Review: MAC Deeply Adored

6 Nov

I was fortunate enough to score a two lippies from the much coveted Marilyn Monroe collection at MAC. Knowing that it’s gonna be sold out as soon as the products are released at our local MAC counters, I just went with pre-ordering the lippies via Carefree Shopper (I usually get my LE items from here).


Anyway, since it’s a Marilyn collection, it’s bound to have awesome lipstick shades. I got the two reds (no surprise there): Charmed I’m Sure and Deeply Adored.

Marilyn Monroe!

Finally having a chance to take product shots during the long weekend, I altogether gave up on my sad attempts to wear tame, peachy-pink lippies and revert back to my brights. I wore Deeply Adored today!

MAC Deeply Adored

MAC Deeply Adored is described as a deep scarlet. It’s a dark red with a touch of brown and a hint of berry, so I don’t have anything like it.

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30 Oct

There’s a noticeable lack of activity in this blog but that’s because we’re setting up a revamped version of I Play the Villain over at a different URL. Revamping includes a new layout (omg finally), a wider scope of topics and a different dot com.

If you follow me on twitter (iplaythevillain), you’re probably aware that I am moving in a slightly different direction this coming 2013; I’m dead set on focusing on my writing (blogging included), my freelance projects and I may even be going back to the Academe.

You could say that I’m actually working on doing things that I like, for a change.

So… yeah! Keep a lookout for the¬†announcement. Soon. Very soon.

Sign Up For GlamourBox

22 Oct

If you read beauty/fashion blogs, chances are you’re familiar with the whole notion of ¬†subscription boxes. Basically, you get sent a box with several deluxe samples of an assortment of items (different brands, types of products, etc).

It’s a very useful way of trying out the latest goodies without investing in the full-sized versions. Who’d want to spend their hard-earned money on something that might not work for them, right? I certainly don’t.

Anyway, thankfully this system (for the lack of a better term) is now available on our side of the world, much thanks to the introduction of GlamourBox.

For a reasonable price of Php 595 every month, Glamourbox will deliver several deluxe samples (housed in one box) to your doorstep. Their first box is going to be released next month and they’re now open for registration.

Drop by their Facebook page or better yet, their website ( for more info.

Capsule Review and a Peek Inside My Longchamp

6 Oct

I recently got myself a Longchamp Le Pliage. You know, the infamous nylon tote bag? It’s a little late, but I really wasn’t considering the fad; I wanted a bag that was:

  • sturdy
  • roomy
  • lightweight
  • simple
  • waterproof
  • non-fussy
  • easy to clean

The Le Pliage seemed to fit this so I finally caved in and bought one. Since I plan on this being my everyday/work bag, I bought myself the medium tote with long handles. I don’t carry a lot, per se, so I don’t see the point of buying the large one (though this claim might come back and bite me in the ass; I’m really tempted on getting a big one now).

It’s also a plus that there are so many knock-offs out there that I’m sure thieves are pretty sick of seeing this bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage (Medium Long Handles)

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