Counting the Chickens

26 Feb

To be honest, I try to not “count the chickens before they hatch”. I always consider it as a  sure way of jinxing something or setting unnecessary expectations. But, you can look at it in a slightly different way: goals.

Working towards a goal has long been proven to be successful. There’s nothing better to motivate yourself with than having your mind set on doing or achieving something.

Though I’m not exactly somebody who has their entire life planned out, I have a rough sketch of what I want to  have, to do or to be in a few years time. You’re in trouble if you don’t; it’s a very common question at job interviews. Mine’s easy enough: I want to see my name in print on a reputable publication. It could be my own book (novel or anthology), a magazine or even a newspaper. Just to  clarify, I don’t want my name splashed all over the front page for something controversial like, say, being responsible for sending stupid people into exile or  something. Tempting thought, but that will have to wait.

I have my own share of petty and long term plans too, you know, world domination aside. And being very recently unemployed, I’m looking for a job that I can see myself in for longer than six months. It’s a bonus if it pays extremely well.

And since I just love to make lists, here’s my share of what keeps me motivated (to find a nice job that pays well and stick to it for a few years):

FIND A GOOD EYE CREAM. When it comes to make-up basics, I never leave the house without adding concealer to my eyes (undereye and lids) and lining them. Seriously, ever since I learned how to line my eyes, I hold on to eyeliner like my life (or vanity, really) depends on it. If I don’t do something to my peepers, might as well stay at home because it always has that puffy i-just-woke-up look. And with that, I need to purchase decent eye cream. Sadly, the favorites from Estee Lauder, La Mer or even Clinique are all attached with a hefty price tag. So until I get my second (yes, it’s not a need; at least, those listed above are plain old wants) paycheck, I’ll have to purchase a cheaper alternative from Olay or the Ponds Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream (I heard/read this one works; it’s around P699). Unless my favorite cousin sends me something. Ah charity, what would I do without you?

INVEST IN A BRUSH SET. I want the Suesh 16PC (P2500) or the 12PC in gray (P2200) or the essential 10PC set (P2000). Or cheaper alternatives from Dollface Cosmetics. Actually this is more of a want than a need. I already have brushes from different brands like ELF, Essence of Beauty, and a others I stole from my mom’s drawer. I have the must-have brushes: face, powder, blush, concealer, foundation, several eyeshadow brushes, an angled eyeliner brush, etc. They do their jobs well enough, I think but I’d like an actual set, not a mismatched bunch. What I really need right now is a good retractable powder brush for touch-ups. Though, I wouldn’t say no to the Ellana extra large buffer brush or the Suesh kabuki. Sigh.

GET MY IPOD FIXED. This is a need. I accidentally dropped my ipod a few months ago when my brother knocked it out of my hand. The LCD has a very ugly crack. The worst thing about it is that my dad doesn’t know and I have to get it fixed (it’ll take P3500 and two weeks) as soon as possible, preferably before he starts asking me if he could borrow it.

SPLURGE ON CLOTHES. With Spring/Summer 2011 featuring my favorite bootcut jeans, I can’t not stock on quality material. Oh and I found a lovely button down in Mango.

BUY BOOKS. These keep me sane. I could stalk the aisles of Fullybooked for hours and not be bored.

GET MY OWN STUDIO UNIT. Who said you can’t buy independence? Okay, maybe you’re right. But you can buy privacy. Growing up and sharing a room with my brothers would always mean them dumping their stuff on my bed. I need my space, dammit. Plus points if the rent is pretty cheap and they allow pets because I have my little boy to consider.

M.A. IN CREATIVE WRITING. Did I mention I want to write? Heh. Sadly enough, no publication would hire an IT graduate. I would need the support from a post-grad program that screams creative writing.

LAND A REAL WRITING GIG FOR A PUBLICATION. I want to be an editor for a lifestyle magazine (like Preview). I don’t care if I have to work as a glorified PA first. The Devil Wears Prada, anyone? I want to be the tyrant who wears nice clothes and perfect make-up. I mean, I used to do that when I was teaching, but it’s different when you’re on top. Yes, I am a villain. Corporate takeover is good practice before the ultimate goal: world domination.

Other than the ones mentioned above, I really don’t have super long-term plans (ie getting married, having babies). Right now I just want to get those over and done with, then I’ll consider making another list.


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