Plug: FB Promos

4 Mar

by Alfieindesigns


After my interview at BPOCareerHub[dot]com, I dropped by my former office in Ortigas to visit some friends and one of them was working on his new blog:

Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss what you were doing. 😀

Actually, during a discussion we once had, he suggested making a blog advertising facebook applications. Sure, these applications already have social ads, but hey, a bit more exposure won’t hurt. Most (if not all) of the apps featured on this blog was developed by the team at Nuworks Interactive Labs. I should know; I used to work for/with them as a PM.

Anyway, said FB Apps featured on the blog are mostly contests with awesome prizes like iPads, iPods, DSLRs, iPhones, etc! These apps are no-brainers (photo uploads, avatar makers, caption contests, etc) too although some of them would require product shots like the one for Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt “Bring Me“.

So if you’re the type who spends so much time on Facebook, this blog ( is worth looking into. Who knows, you might even win cool prizes.


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