To Jobs That Pay The Rent

9 Mar

I finally had my last job interview today with the VP for operations of TeleDevelopment today. Actually it’s the sister company, BPOCareerHub[dot]com, that I will be working for as a Marketing Officer (slash Content Writer slash Social Media Executive). Oh, I got the job alright but not before having my nerves shot as I was interrogated by two people.

I’ve NEVER been interviewed by two people.

Usually job interviews don’t really bother me. Unlike some people who had to Google tips on how to impress their interviewers or what are the do’s and don’ts of job interviews, I don’t fuss about it too much. I just put on something presentable, smile, be polite, be honest and confidently answer their questions.

Anyway, I was already told that the final interview was more of a formality than anything, but with two people scrutinizing me, I kinda felt like I was faltering every time I open my mouth.

But in the end, I was “highly recommended” by my two would-be-bosses during the pre-interview last week and therefore, I was hired. I’m going to start on Monday.

I was told, however, that since I know very little about the BPO industry, I constantly will have to be exposed to the nature of the industry other than learning just the basics. That would mean taking a tour on the floor, sitting through training sessions (this I look forward to as my mentor happens to be a senior trainer at TeleDev), etc. I will also have to learn how job fairs work, and basically to sell the product – and convert people into registrants.

SO REGISTER, DAMMIT. I have a quota of 500 registrants per month, dig?

But on the bright side, I will be doing things I’m already familiar with. I’ll be monitoring blogs (and will be writing for them), facebook and twitter accounts, youtube channels (conceptualizing ads/videos and making them viral), etc. Writing and social media management. I can work with that.

The pay’s a little less than what Yell Adworks offered but the work hours are more humane, per se. And, I’m only one ride away so commuting to work shouldn’t be a problem.

Tomorrow I have to go back to TeleDevelopment for my contract signing.

Even though I haven’t signed my contract yet, I already have an assignment: I have to conceptualize a new version of their existing “job interview” video and make it viral.

I think I need to watch TV and pay close attention to the ads. And maybe polish that trophy for 1st place in the Inter-Info Commercial Production Competition.

For starters, I like what PAL did for their safety video.


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