Yes, I’m still alive

1 Apr

Yep. I am. Really.

I got a comment from one of my best girl friends; she was complaining about the lack of updates around these parts. Really, it’s ironic that blogging is actually a part of the my job description but I fail at keeping my personal blog updated. I always blame the fact that I’m too busy with work, but that’s no excuse – if there’s anything that the mentor has continuously drilled into my head is that writing is a discipline and you do it whether or not you have time; make time for it.

But with the distractions (ie. Internet), it’s pretty hard to focus. I get so tempted to read other blogs and basically waste time online instead of getting stuff written down.

And hence the update.

Starting next week, I’ll try to devote at least 15 minutes to writing.

On another note: it’s APRIL FOOLS DAY and I managed to pull one on my younger brother. I told him (straight faced) that I bought ice cream and it’s in the freezer. He came back and told me that it’s not there. That was when I cracked a smile. He beat me up.


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