Lemming: oxfords and a leather satchel

2 Apr

I was evaluating the state of my shoes today and I realized that I don’t have any practical office footwear. These days I’ve been wearing either booties or boots. Normally I wouldn’t mind so much since I sit in front of the computer all day but I’ve missed walking.

Walking is a habit I’ve gotten into after I left the academe. As a teacher, you’re pretty much required to stand most of the time. Stand and walk around. But since I’m teetered to a desk these days, the only time I get to walk is when I get off work. And with walking, I get to save money I normally allot for a 5-minute commute on public transportation. It’s a way to save and exercise.

But not when you’re wearing 5-inch stilettos!

That’s when it struck me that I really need to find a pair of comfortable heels (note: I tend to stay away from flats) that could endure a few blocks of walking without the pain. The catch: I hate shopping for shoes because none of them really fit my standards.

Actually I already have an idea of what I want: booties with chunky heels. Too bad I haven’t found any that I like. So I started browsing online.

For more casual days, I’d love to wear oxfords. It’s a staple in androgynous footwear. It’ll be even better if it had heels. It’s not a new concept; there are hundreds of oxford booties like these:

from virtualmae.multiply.com


They’re not exactly stilettos, but that’s at least 4-inches right there. Too high for walking. Sucks because I quite like these.

Then we have these:

from ebay.ph

Slightly less in the heel department, and they’re very office safe. Inexpensive too. I approve. I’d buy new laces for that though. Not a fan of the laces. Still, I can’t see myself walking a fair distance with these shoes.

from Payless

These would be okay if worn during Casual Fridays. And yes, they’re made for walking due to the lack in heel height. I’m not shelling money for footwear I’d only use once a week.

from Forever21

I found these online. I’m not sure if they’re available at Forever21 in Megamall but these are LOVE. No, really. Chunky heels: check. Practical heel height: check. I’d prefer these in black, but I could live with brown/tan especially since I’ve been lusting after this satchel for a while now:

from ichigoshoes.multiply.com

THEY MATCH PERFECTLY. They’re supposed to. It’s an old rule: match your bag with your shoes. It’s easy enough to track down the satchel, I could just order it online. But that would seriously depend if I could find those shoes here. I was pretty disappointed with the shoes at Forever21 the last time I visited the place. If they are available at the retail store, I’d so buy them with zero hesitation.

SIGH. The stuff I’d wear with these. If I manage to get my claws on both of them, they’d be wardrobe workhorses.

If not… eh, I don’t have a plan B yet. I’m stuck with my current shoes.


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