SM 3-Day Sale

30 Apr

Usually I stay away from this event mainly because it’s crazier than a concert, with people pushing past you, fighting over items and whatnot. I’m not a fan of crowds but I braved this one because I need to buy a few things. And surprisingly enough, I managed to buy the stuff I need and want.

So what did I buy?

shoes from Bandolino

Mary Jane Wedges from Bandolino. Damage: P1399

I’ve been needing a decent pair of 8-hour shoes I can actually walk in. I mean, I’ve no problem with heels, but they have to be pretty chunky for me to comfortably use them for walking. They’re either chunky heels or flats. These mary janes are actually flat shoes (GASP). I think my mom was pretty surprised because, unless I’m desperate, I never buy flats. They look like school shoes. Haha. But nah, I can pair these with jeans or trousers.

bootcut jeans in black from For Me

Bootcut Jeans from For Me. Damage: P880 (after the 20% discount)

Originally, I wanted white jeans. Can’t find any though. The ones I did try on, well, I thought the fabric was a bit thin because you could see the pocket lining. Boo. But anyway, For Me never disappoints. They have bootcuts even if everybody else are obsessed with skinnies. The fit is snug and comfortable. This will definitely be a wardrobe workhorse. Material’s sturdy. Pretty inexpensive too. I might have to get a few inches off the hem as it’s a little long.

cap from Bench

Nautical Newsboy Cap from Bench. Damage: P259

I have this thing for androgynous pieces. So when I passed by Bench last week and saw this on the mannequin’s head, I knew I had to have it when the sale arrives. And it did. Poor mannequin. I love the nautical emblem. Bro expressed interest in this cap too. There was another (pageboy cap) made of dark brown leather with a subtle chain as a design… I want it.

I also bought two more things:

  1. White polo (with black piping) shirt from Arrow. Damage: P450
  2. Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner. Damage: P300 (after discount)

Wait, gel liner? YEAH. It was on sale and I absolutely love this product so much that even though I’m not even halfway done with the current pot, I already bought a replacement. And there was a funny incident at the Maybelline counter where the saleslady was entertaining a customer who was fussing over the gel liner. While the customer was debating with herself whether to buy it or not, I quickly interrupted and asked the saleslady what’s the discounted price for the product. Anyway, so when I said I’ll get one, she asked me if it’s the eyeliner I used with my (usual) winged-eye. She then asked me if she could show it to the undecided customer. Customer seemed pretty happy with her decision to buy it after asking me a few questions.

See? it pays to perfect that wing. Imagine if I have to show her a messy application. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with my purchases, but I really want the Ferretti Oxford Clogs. SIGH. If only I didn’t have a phone bill to settle. Heh. And I wish I bought a bag too, for a complete ensemble.

By the way, here’s my FOTD, wearing the usual and something new: MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo

I'm going shopping!


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