Review: Revlon Strawberry Suede

13 May

I suffer from a mild (ahem) case of lipstick envy. Haha. Well, that’s something to be expected from a lipstick addict like myself. We all have our preferences, if some people collect eyeshadows, I collect lipsticks. I’m not the first one to do this, by the way.

Anyway, when my friend bought a bright red matte lipstick from Laura Mercier, I felt that need to get my own matte lipstick because I don’t have one (gasp). I’ve been looking for a pink/red lipstick with hints of orange in it. I’ve asked my cousin to buy me a few shades from MAC (vegas volt, crosswires, ravishing) because they’re not available locally.

Still, I need something to alternate my current MLBB (MAC Cosmo) with but with a bit more color and attitude to it. And I found it in this lipstick: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede.

Revlon Matte Lipstick (Strawberry Suede)

pretty color! (zero photoshop)

What I like about it:

  • COLOR – It’s a lovely shade of pink/red with hints of orange. Sigh. Where have you been all my life? It looks really nice with my NC42 skin tone. Yes, I’m morena; I just took that picture in front of my computer at our well-lit office.
  • PAY OFF – Highly pigmented. See that picture? I swiped it on once and I get that.
  • TEXTURE – It’s matte but not drying. I’ve been wearing this lipstick the whole day without reapplication and my lips don’t feel dry. But maybe that’s because I dabbed a bit of lip balm underneath, left it on for a few minutes and blotted it out before applying the lipstick. It felt really light because I stopped pressing my lips together (something I usually do when I can feel the lipstick); it felt like a “barely there” lipstick until you look in the mirror and the color would pretty much remind you that it is there.
  • STAYING POWER – This is the awesome part: just after application, I ate McDonalds Big Breakfast, drank coke and had a donut with filling and chocolate frosting (shush, i was really hungry). The lipstick did NOT budge. It looked exactly the same even after I ate. Then six hours later, I ate my super late lunch and the lipstick stayed put like nobody’s business! After almost eight hours, it doesn’t look like it’s just been applied, but it left a really noticeably stain on the lips. I guess the SA was right when she claimed that unless you remove it, it’s not going anywhere.
  • PRICE – It’s not as cheap as your usual drugstore brand, but P475 is merely half of a normal MAC lipstick. And with that staying power? I definitely won’t have to worry about reapplying all the time.

The Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede is a pretty good investment. However, I’ve read in (where this lipstick rates 4.5/5) that this shade has been discontinued. It’s a good thing, then, that it’s available locally. Must warn you though, I’ve been told by the SA that it’s one of their more popular shades.

Oh and as a bonus, this shade has been compared to the much sought-after MAC Toxic Tale (and as you know, it’s a shade I’d kill for). Apparently Revlon Strawberry Suede is a bit more orange than Toxic Tale but when worn, it’s a close dupe.


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