8 Jun

I’m an eyeliner person. Really. Eyeshadows are pretty, with so many colors to choose from, but I usually don’t have time to blend the colors every morning. I’d rather spend the extra minutes perfecting the cat eye / winged eyeliner. And I didn’t think that it’d suit me; very few colors do.

Until I discovered the 88 color palette and started playing with the orange shades.

sorry, crap lighting conditions.

I bought the 88 color matte eyeshadow palette from the Summer Solstice Bazaar, knowing that – as a makeup artist – I’ll end up needing a lot of eyeshadows. At that time, it was more practical to buy the one with a wide range of colors instead of the nude palette that I originally wanted. I bought the palette for Php850; this is the Coastal Scents palette without the brand name.

88 color matte eyeshadow palette from PROPS

The thing with eyeshadow is that it needs a primer if you want the color to show up. I’m not a fan of applying the eyeshadow wet, so I went ahead and bought the Ellana primer; not my first choice, but it was cheap and easy to find. I didn’t consider the Urban Decay Primer Potion just yet, since I’m not really an eyeshadow person and this is mostly an investment for my clients (hence, cheap stuff will do).

I started playing with the palette this morning. The 3rd column from the right (oranges) looked like candy so I went for it. I used the first color (pale orange/white) from that row as a base. I added the second color for a more orange sheen. The third color was used for the crease. I used the lighter shades mainly because I was still going to the office, not a party, fashion show or a red carpet event. I added dark brown (bottom color, second row from the right) to the outer V and added a smoked effect to the whole look. Surprisingly enough, it went well with my skin color (I’m NC42).

This is the one big advantage of being able to paint (traditional painting and digital painting); I don’t even need to think about how to blend colors, I just do it and it turns out okay.

Here’s the look:

again, crap light. sorry. i took these at the office.

Most of the colors I used are matte; they have better color pay off. But I did use a slightly shimmery base color, so it doesn’t look too flat.

I learned how to apply eyeshadow – just like a pokemon! (something I heard my brother say about his uber complicated math shit)

Now I want the UDPP. Sigh. That’s so expensive too. Heh.

By the way, note the lashes. No falsies were involved. I used the Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara. It’s freaking awesome. Will review that next.


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