Review: CHARM Travel Pro V3

5 Jul

It’s no secret that I’m very finicky with my makeup. Even though I believe in saving (yes, I do) as much as possible, I also believe in spending especially if the quality of a particular product is undisputed. I stand by the belief that if it works for you and you can afford it, why not buy it? Still, I won’t deny that there are awesome products and tools out there that are less expensive but performs just as well.


I’m equally as fussy with my tools, especially my brushes. My brushes are a mismatched bunch. I have brushes from ELF, Ecotools, Essence of Beauty, Suesh and even replica brushes. They get the job done, but not without cons (ie: shedding, scratchy bristles). And so, I kept looking out for the perfect brush set for personal use. I wanted one set I can always rely on.

If there’s one brand for brushes that has earned raves from every (local) beauty blogger, it’s CHARM by Beauty and Minerals. I wanted the Travel Pro v.2 Set, but sadly, that’s already out of stock.

When I saw the announcement for the CHARM Travel Pro ver.3 Brush Set, I didn’t think twice: I joined the pre-buy. From the normal price of Php2200, the pre-buy sells the set for only Php1800 (and a freebie: a sample of B&M eyeshadow). It took almost two months of waiting, but it was well worth it.

CHARM Travel Pro ver.3

Description from Beauty and Minerals

Achieve professional-looking makeup looks with the Charm Travel Pro 14-pc. Brush Set!

Featuring 14 outstanding travel-sized brushes made from the softest blend of animal and synthetic hair, guaranteed to help you achieve beautiful looks, wherever you may be!

Get spoiled with our luxurious Charm Travel Pro, as your take-me-with-you-anywhere brush set promising professional results! Featuring an impressive lineup of 14 makeup brushes, you will never have to scrimp on your makeup tools!

Warning: This entry/review is image-heavy. Other than that, read on!

The brush set is housed in a faux-croc leather case. It’s light, but sturdy enough to assure you that the brushes inside it will be well-cared for. Still, the case might look a tad bulky to those who don’t really like to carry huge bags. And you know what? The brushes can fit in one of those aficionado cases (the one with the zipper that looks like a pencil case)!

black and hot pink

Here’s a closeup look at the brushes:


The ferrule is a shocking pink like the lining of the brush case while the handle is a matte black. Unlike ver.2, this one has 14 brushes. Each brush serves a different purpose and can perform to the expectations of newbies and pros alike. If for personal use, you don’t really need 20+ brushes; just the basics and this is the set to get.  So for it’s price (whether pre-bought or the normal price) and tried-and-tested quality, that is such a sweet deal.

face brushes

Face brushes (left to right):

  • concealer brush
  • angled blush brush
  • foundation brush
  • powder brush
  • stippling brush

other brushes


  • lip brush
  • angled eyeshadow brush
  • flat liner brush
  • blending brush
  • wet/dry eyeshadow brush
  • pencil point brush
  • brow brush
  • brow spoolie
  • bent eyeliner brush

These brushes come with plastic packaging for protection and hygienic purposes. I already removed them and washed the brushes thoroughly with shampoo. The brushes did not shed or bleed during the first wash and the ones succeeding that. By the way, this set comes with a small leaflet containing tips how you can take care of your brushes. That’s how thoughtful Sophie of Beautynomics fame, is!

Aaaand here’s the line up (click on the image for full view):

concealer brush

angled blush




All face brushes are:

  • densely packed (note: these are travel brushes, okay? not full-sized ones)
  • soft
  • no shedding after first wash
  • no bleeding after the first wash
  • non-scratchy
  • dries fast! but make sure that it’s completely dry before using. I also advise you to keep the brush guards to keep the bristles in shape.

I wash my concealer and foundation brushes nightly and the others, twice a week. Yes, I’m OC. And I’m sorry to say this, but I’m rather selfish with my brushes. This set will be for personal use only while my replica set can now be used on others.

brush length

According to Sophie, the brush length is 5 – 5.5 inches, approximately. It’s the same length as a pilot ballpen (without the cap). Not too short or too long. This is perfect for personal use.



flat liner


wet / dry eyeshadow

pencil point


brow spoolie

bent eyeliner

What I think of the brushes:

  • STILL non scratchy and it dries really fast!
  • the lip brush and the brow spoolie – these brushes don’t get judged often because, really, you can never go wrong with these. For a more accurate application of lipstick, use the lip brush. To soften the powder or lines your eyebrows (and to groom the hair), use the brush spoolie. You can also use the latter to remove mascara clumping.
  • angled eyeshadow brush – soft but not as dense as the Essence of Beauty angled eyeshadow brush. still, it’s also pretty good for the outer v, for highlighting the brow bone and for nose contour/highlight lines!
  • flat liner brush – stiff; which is good, so it maintains the overall shape and sharp line. I’ve yet to use this for a cat eye. Oh and I also used this to remove the clumping from my lower lashes.
  • wet / dry eyeshadow brush – I normally don’t apply wet eyeshadow, but for dry application, its got the right stiffness and density to grab pigments without eating them. For a more vibrant color, pat the brush all over the lid.
  • blending brush – it’s made of white animal hair and therefore, needs to be thoroughly washed to prevent staining. Performance-wise, I use this for a faint wash of color over the lids (remember: i’m not a heavy eyeshadow user) and blending colors together is much easier with this fluffy brush. On a side note, this is smaller than the Suesh blending brush that I have.
  • pencil point brush – one of my personal favorites. It really packs on the color for the outer v if you want a dramatic smokey eye. to soften the color, use the blending brush. Since it’s white, take time to clean it properly. I try to clean this whenever I use it.
  • brow brush – brow brushes became one of my best friends when I learned how to shade my brows. haha. I use this to spread the color from my trusty eyebrow pencil
  • bent eyeliner – some people prefer this over an angled eyeliner brush. Since I’m a heavy gel liner user, I really love the latter. But for liquid eyeliner, this is my HG brush. It can create really thin lines and a dainty flick for subtle winged/cat eyes.

Other need-to-know things:

  • always wash the brushes first upon purchase/opening.
  • when washing, avoid the ferrule or it’ll weaken the glue.
  • air dry, not blow dry. if you’ll be using a fan, don’t let it hit the bristles directly.

These brushes are perfect for everyday use and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with it. So if you’re somebody who wants a set that can really deliver in terms of quality and performance but without the cringe-worthy price tag, you’d best head off to Beauty and Minerals (Facebook or Multiply) and buy this awesome set! I also have the luxe kabuki brush and I love it as much; I’m eyeing the PRO set now. Hahaha!


4 Responses to “Review: CHARM Travel Pro V3”

  1. giezelle July 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    omg!!i love ur reviews!!!u do justice to these amazing brushes unlike my review!!:)) and yay!!another wordpress user!!:)

    • iplaythevillain July 17, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

      Thank you! And yours isn’t so bad! I love the pictures too. 😀

      • giezelle July 18, 2011 at 3:50 pm # thanks!!:)) will wait for ur next posts!!:))

  2. therese June 30, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Just curious, what replica set do you have

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