What’s always in my bag

9 Jul

Everybody carries a bag, yes? For work, going out, travel and so on. Being the OC person that I am, I plan everything the night before: my outfit, FOTD, makeup and the contents of my bag.

The bag in question is my trusty messenger bag. It’s beige with black piping. I’ve had it since I was in college. I had an old whats-in-my-bag post before and I featured the same bag. It’s leather, hence making it super durable but I still change bags every now and then. What I love the most about this is that it’s practically waterproof. I’m not an umbrella person so I can no longer count how many times I’ve been caught in the rain. This keeps my stuff dry and it can become my pseudo umbrella.

It only looks big in the picture, but it’s pretty slim in person. I’m not a fan of bulky bags. I like ’em slim and structured.

trusty messenger bag

So… what’s inside?

If one was to raid my bag, you’d find the following items:

my junk

  • Book. Not consistent; sometimes its there, sometimes it’s not and it’s a different book every time so I didn’t take a picture of it. Right now I’m reading City of Saints and Madmen (Jeff Vandermeer), my latest buy.
  • Small notebook for notes and quick journal entries. It’s a cheap Moleskine dupe that I bought at a bookstore. I retired my old Moleskine journal (“Herald”) because it has too many painful things and I feel like I’m carrying so much baggage whenever I have it with me. Past is past, right? One day I’ll be able to flip through its pages again.
  • Pen of choice is a black Dong-A My Gel pen (0.5). Sometimes I go for a 0.4 or a 0.3. I have really tiny writing; I can write two lines in between spaces.
  • Earphones from Sony. I think I need to buy one of those earphone organizers.
  • Cologne for daily use. That one is the Bench Daily Scent Cologne (Lazy Afternoon)
  • Glasses stay in my bag. Sunglasses, on the other hand, are usually found on top of my head as an impromptu headband.
  • Lacoste wallet to house my nonexistent cash. Cards are useless too. hahaha!
  • Cellphone pouch where my Blackberry Bold 9700 resides. The phone isn’t featured here because I used it to take this picture. It also contains my music. I broke my iPod last December and I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed yet. That or I might buy a new one (an iPod touch, maybe).
  • LED Mirror
  • Transparent kikay kit from Rustan’s Essenses.

Of course it deserves its own list!  This is my usual arsenal whenever I leave the house with my makeup already done:

  • MAC Blot Powder
  • MAC Studio Finish concealer
  • TheBalm Hot Mama blush
  • Lipstick of the day
  • The Body Shop Born Lippy balm
  • Nichido eyebrow pencil
  • black In2It waterproof gel liner
  • three small brushes (Marionnaud eyebrow spoolie/brush, Suesh lip brush and Essence of Beauty concealer brush)
  • Maybelline Magnum mascara
  • CHARM Luxe Kabuki (I might get the CHARM retractable kabuki because the case takes up too much space)

Soon I’ll add a MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in that pouch.


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