MUA Gigs: GNN “The Workplace”

11 Jul

As the resident “makeup artist”, I was tasked to do the makeup for my friend/colleague as she appeared on TV. GNN’s “The Workplace” had an entire episode for BPOCareerHub. Here are before and after shots.


Click and read on to see the magic!


Here are the products that I used on her:

  • Primer: Korres Quercetin and Oak Anti-Ageing Primer
  • Foundation: Smashbox HD Healthy FX Foundation (Fair F2)
  • Concealer: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer
  • Finishing Powder: Ellana Minerals Translucent Finishing Powder
  • Eye Primer: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
  • Eyeshadow: PROPS Eyeshadow palette (dark brown smokey eyes)
  • Eyeliner: In2It Waterproof Gel Liner (brown)
  • Blush: TheBalm Hot Mama
  • Eyebrows: Nichido Eyebrow Pencil
  • Lipstick: Nyx Indian Pink + Revlon Really Red

I’m super happy that she’s pretty, that her skin doesn’t need much work and that she also wants to keep it natural.

I seriously need to learn how to do somebody’s hair. Sigh. The host of the show, Marybeth Nave, is a close friend of hers. She’s super nice. I also retouched her makeup. I received a special mention on TV. Hahahaha!

"The Workplace"


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