Review: MAC Violetta

19 Jul

When it comes to lipsticks, I’m the brave one. Maybe that’s because I’m not one for bright or colorful eyeshadows so I get my color from lipsticks. I haven’t gotten around to counting just how many I have by now, but I gravitate towards the brighter (and bolder) side of the spectrum. I’m no stranger to red, red-orange, orange, corals, fuchsia. I also have a few safe colors: MLBBs, nudes, pale pinks, etc.

And with my birthday fast approaching, I decided to get two shades that only daring people would wear: violet and bright, barbie-pink. In my previous post, I already found the latter (but I won’t reveal the shade until the end of the month).

I was browsing through ebay and found a familiar shade: MAC Violetta. This lipstick is part of the PRO line, though its claim to fame is that it became a part of the Venomous Villains collection under Maleficent’s line. Acquiring Toxic Tale (Evil Queen) from the same collection is, unfortunately, a tad unlikely so I thought of getting Violetta instead.

MAC Violetta

I wore it today to give it a test run. Here are my thoughts:

  • Color – Deep violet with a hint of blue, if you squint. I swatched Bust Out (Surf, Baby! collection) and Violetta was darker in comparison. Upon closer inspection, Violetta has really tiny glitters whereas Bust Out is more of a flat color. The glitters give Violetta that shine and dimension when worn. I’m NC42, and oddly enough, it looked pretty good on me (it’s not the ego talking, btw. I’ve had people compliment it).
  • Pay Off – Pigmented. This is an amplified creme lipstick (my favorite) so you can expect an opaque color when you apply it. It’s buildable too; the more you put it on, the brighter and the more vivid it gets.
  • Texture – Amplified creme. I’ve always preferred lipsticks from this variant; it’s opaque, but lightweight.
  • Staying Power – I did the usual test: applied it in the morning, had brunch, a drink, and did not retouch for 8 hours. I ate and all but the color was still very much the same as I first applied it. Towards the end of the day, most of the color is gone leaving a slight stain on the lips
  • Price – Php 900 (ebay)
  • Case – The lipstick tube is the standard MAC bullet and not the Maleficent case; note that this is from the PRO line, not the VV collection per se.
  • Other comments – There’s an issue with the color: it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not something you’d wear on a casual day or at a meeting. It’s even a wee bit scary as it can look rather “vampy” when you apply too much. Personally, it’s my HG shade if I’m feeling a bitchy or villainous (haha) or just plain antagonistic. It’s a nice change from reds and corals, definitely, but it’s not something I’d sport every day. That doesn’t mean that I won’t buy another tube when I run out.

Here’s me wearing it:


I was able to pull this off on a work day because I kept the eyes toned down and the applied blush with a light hand.

Maybe it’s just me, but Violetta gives that instant shock factor that can make an otherwise tame look, pretty edgy. Definitely a head-turner. It makes me look and feel like a villain (violet lips FTW). I like it. 😀


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