Review: MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder

27 Jul

I was with my colleague/friend, Rocky (GNN and CareerJam chick), two weeks ago and we raided the Super Sale Bazaar. She managed to score a lot of items, including a lovely red beaded necklace from Belleza.

Belleza (headed by the super nice Selena Antonio-Reyes) by the way, was selling authentic MAC items – all of which are not available locally at Rustan’s. I was looking at the stuff they had on display and the Surf, Baby! collection caught my eye. I was torn between getting the Hibiscus lipstick and the My Paradise Cheek Powder. But since I was expecting two shades in the mail (Violetta and Vegas Volt), I went for the cheek powder that was being sold for Php 2,000.

MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder (Surf, Baby! Collection)

So, how did it perform?

At MAC Cosmetics, it’s described as a “a peach shade with gold hibiscus overspray”. This limited edition blush is HUGE. It’s a good 9g worth of product (the normal powder blush is at 6g). The cheek powder is housed in a white case with a clear top and the Surf, Baby! logo.

At first, I was rather hesitant to use it because that might mean destroying the uber pretty hibiscus design. But I’ve used it for two weeks already and it still looks untouched. When you study it carefully, you could see that there is a fair amount of thickness to the gold overlay; it’s not just a thin film.

peach with gold

Sorry, my Lumix doesn’t quite capture the true color of the cheek powder. Although it looks pink in the photo and it’s described as peach in the MAC website, it’s actually a vivid red-orange shade. It’s crazy pigmented so you don’t really need a lot of color (so you can use this for a looong time), or it’ll look odd. The gold controls the color; so less gold would mean more of the red-orange and in vice versa. The gold shimmer make a nice glow on the cheeks.

I’ve used this on tanned skin (myself; refer to the Violetta post) and Rocky (see Career Jam post), who has a lighter complexion. Note that I always apply with a light hand and layer it if needed. Although it looks nice on both, it’s more natural and better suited for those with warmer skin tones.

I really like this. It’s a good buy. I apply this on myself with a fluffy brush on the sides of my face to warm it up a bit or I use an angled blush brush if I want a more defined color on my cheeks.

For an alternative review and more photos, here’s a post from Temptalia on the LE MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder.


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