Payday Haul: 07 29 2011

29 Jul

You’re probably wondering why I always have haul posts on paydays. It’s the only time I splurge. Personally, it’s a bit of a treat to myself for the grueling hours and stressful workload that I had to endure in between the 15th and the 30th. Knowing that you’ll be getting a new toy on payday is enough of a motivation for me to work hard, limit the tardiness and eliminate absences. Hahaha!

This time, I got myself a few things:

my lovelies

  • Tony Moly Babydoll Makeup Base
  • Tony Moly Babydoll BB Foundation

Wait, wassat other box?

You remember the barbie post? Yes, folks, I finally bought it.

NARS Schiap

Isn’t it lovely? That is going to be my birthday lipstick. And as a trivia, it’s my 20th lipstick and my 1st pink. Will definitely write about this soon enough. Can’t wait to really use it.


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