New Direction

30 Aug

Nope, this isn’t Glee-related.

taken from Getty Images (credit: westend61)

Anyway, I was reading through my archives last night and I figured that I haven’t really featured anything new or different, as it were. Then it hit me: I’ve participated in career talks where my topic is about makeup; I even do “timed” demonstrations. My audience has been college students, and a few of them are already in the corporate world.

I’ve also conducted interview for OJT placements and even real job interviews. Even though they’re still students, for some of them, makeup is synonymous to friday or weekend gimiks and that’s what they wear to job interviews! I once saw an applicant who wore really dark smokey eyes, heavy eyeliner with bubblegum-pink colored lips. And from the interviewer’s side, really, I couldn’t focus on half of what she was saying!

I also have friends and relatives who ask me what would be good for them, what should they buy and where can these products be bought. Some even ask me for makeovers or get me to evaluate their kikay kits.

I guess that even though I’ve left the academe a year ago, one doesn’t stop being a teacher. I’ve become a consultant. Hahaha!

But I’m not going to pretend that I took up makeup courses; I haven’t. Everything I know is done through research and practical application. Being able to paint (traditionally and digitally) has its perks when controlling one’s hand during application and instinctively knowing what’s aesthetically pleasing.

Starting now, in addition to my reviews, haul posts, MUA gigs, I will be writing for college students and young adults in the corporate world. I’ll be discussing makeup and how it can help boost your career (women who wear makeup get paid more, according to studies, and I’m not talking about that job, if you know what I mean). And hopefully, this could give a more meaningful direction to my blog — or a focus, at least, should I ever draw blanks again. I need to try and write every day.

Keep reading, ladies and I promise to write more frequently too. And a big thanks to those who do frequent my blog (it’s free to comment, by the way)!


One Response to “New Direction”

  1. sparklingrose August 30, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    Finally got my fix! Hahhhh ~_~

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