MUA Gigs: Career Talk at UMak

1 Sep

When working, your JD (job description) isn’t an accurate list of what you will be doing when you do get hired. Sure, it’ll give you the general picture, but multitasking isn’t something you can skip altogether.

reminiscent of my lecturer days

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned how I’ve done career talks and quick makeover demonstrations at schools. My latest gig was at the University of Makati. It was an exhausting event, but pretty enjoyable because I was tasked to talk about a fun topic: makeup (in the career/professional setting, of course). I only had 20 minutes to talk, including the demo, so really, you can’t exactly cover everything in detail but you can give them the gist of it.

Just some of the things I talked about (that I will be expanding on, in this blog):

  • makeup in the corporate setting (how women who wear makeup get hired faster, earn more and are promoted more frequently than those who don’t)
  • what corporate / office-friendly makeup should be
  • guidelines in buying makeup
  • makeup for those with a tight budget (building a kit)
  • makeup and grooming for the dudes

And so on. I’ll be writing an entry for every topic that I covered (and more) so make sure you watch out for those. I’ll be starting this weekend; I just need to plot the sequence to satisfy the OC me.

If I have readers here from UMAK and who attended our career talk, thanks so much for being there and being such an attentive audience. And even if you weren’t there and you have questions, fire away. 😀

Make sure that you also check out the Phil-Cosmetics Expo starting tomorrow until Sunday at SM Megamall (megatrade hall). Since Megamall is a five minute walk from where I work, I will probably be there tomorrow (and during the weekend).

OH! And I received a little something today! I got this from one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Martha – The Beauty Junkee. She’s currently holding a blog sale and this is one of the items she listed.


It’s something I’ve never had a chance to try before (hint: it’s usually not suited for tanned folks like myself) but I will be road testing this for a week and give it a spin before I post a review of it.


One Response to “MUA Gigs: Career Talk at UMak”

  1. sparklingrose September 1, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    I’m so proud of you!!! Now off to scouring on YouTube for the video clip :D:D:D

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