Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause

2 Sep

Last Sunday, when it was still raining and it was suuper early, I dragged myself out of bed to attend an event: the Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause. This was held at Mercato Centrale, BGC in Taguig. Since the weather was a tad unpredictable (it rained when I left the house, but it was humid when I arrived at the venue), I didn’t bring my boy with me. Besides, I haven’t given him a bath yet. Hahaha.

And I was running late.


This wasn’t my first dog-related seminar. Actually, I’ve been their resident graphic artist since the first seminar (last year). So far we’ve had 3 seminars (about the breed) and a handling seminar.

This is the fourth; the others were previously held at Ortigas, Eastwood and now we’ve tapped into Bonifacio Global City (Taguig).

Mercato Centrale

It was a decent crowd, weather aside. Not too big, not too small. Some brought their dogs with them. The attendees are members of different “facebook groups”, but all of whom share a love for the breed and dogs, in general. They braved the rain just so they could listen to Wendell Sabile of Orion Shih Tzu and Ardy Chua-Sing of Yaki Shih Tzu.

Wendell and Ardy

This seminar was for FREE. The attendees didn’t pay a cent and neither were the speakers given anything in return for this. But, since this was for a Cause (to feed the less fortunate furry residents of SAWS), attendees opted to donate bags of dog food instead. Royal Canin was a sponsor; they donated dog food to SAWS and gave samples to the attendees.

Other sponsors include:

  • Silk Creation
  • My Sassy Puppy
  • Good Dog
  • Doggie’s Choice
  • Pet Express
  • Auntie May’s

Wendell and Ardy discussed the breed standards, dog shows 101, health/diet and were joined by Eric Lezarda of Yeryk Shih Tzu and Edward Sinco of Kantosinco Shih Tzu for the grooming demonstration. It was an open forum discussion; the audience was encouraged to ask questions. Heck, they were given prizes whenever they ask questions! Nobody came home empty handed; even I took home a chin pillow and I didn’t do or ask anything.

I was there to support the event and Wendell (who’s a good friend of mine) and to take pictures. Haha. And of course, to EAT; it was at Mercato Centrale, after all. When Wendell announced that it was time for lunch, I think D of West Wind Kennel and I were the first ones to get up. We were only half-listening the whole time, the scent from the food vendors were too distracting (Wendell knows this; I warned him)! We ate a burger, tapsilog and had sea salt caramel ice cream! Now that is pigging out.

There were doggies!

HOF Moira (Wendell's) aka Lola Techie (certified senior citizen)

Total and Tara (both Wendell's)

And lotsa other doggie, champions or just beloved pets.

group picture!

There will be other seminars like this so if you’re a dog lover, if you have a shih tzu and if you’d like to support the group and the cause, I suggest you attend these events. They’re really worthwhile.


5 Responses to “Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause”

  1. Lance Cutidioc September 3, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Very nicely written.

    My favorite part…

    I was there to support the event and Wendell (who’s a good friend of mine)…

    Touching. =)

    • Sara September 3, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

      Yah, tapos add the “and there to eat” to that. hahaha! Thanks, Lance! 😀

  2. liz October 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    lol i was actually in Mercato that day and exact time! was shopping for lunch. XP

    • Sara October 7, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

      Seriously? Haha. I had to pay attention to my friends’ talk eh and I was on camera duty so I wasn’t allowed to wander off. Sayaaaang!


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