Forever21 Fall 2011

8 Sep

I love fall collections. Seriously. I have a collection of jackets, coats, boots, turtlenecks and sweaters. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the wrong country for clothes like these. Sigh.

That doesn’t stop me from buying them!

Forever21 is a hit-or-miss store for me (I’m a Mango girl) Most of their clothes are meh for me, but there are key pieces every now and then that pop up and scream “BUY ME, I’M EXACTLY YOUR TYPE!” whenever I pass by. And I’m super glad I did pass by earlier!

I can sport androgynous pieces rather comfortably but I would also like to add a bit more feminine pieces in my wardrobe. Dresses, especially. I only have four dresses in my arsenal; one was worn for my graduation, one for easy corporate wear (it’s my “blair-in-boots” piece), one I’ve never worn since it has print and my LBD (little black dress).

I also want to add more color in my wardrobe. Even though I easily gravitate towards black and white (and the occasional  red or pink), it does get pretty boring.

And enter the pieces I saw at Forever21! Next week is payday, so I might splurge a bit on clothes, instead of makeup. Really, I don’t need more makeup (wow did I just say that?).

knit dress

This is probably the first piece I’m going to buy. I adore knit dresses. They’re not practical and I can only wear them during the fall season, but I really like them, especially paired with tights and boots. I’ve always wanted a red dress to go with black boots.

double breasted jacket

Can you tell I love red? As much as I love double-breasted coats! I tried this on and it was surprisingly lightweight! This comes in three colors: royal (blue), red and camel. I think it’s being sold for P1250 (more or less). I’m so buying this.

Another sweater dress in a different color. Cream is so clean to look at.

And another one.

I like this, but I’m not entirely sure if it’ll suit me. Haha.

Something for corporate (add a coat to it) and evening appointments.

This is even lighter than the red coat I featured above. It’s also available in tan. Wish it was available in cream or white. Sigh.

Anyway, those are just a few things I found at Forever21. I’m officially back on a shopping ban for makeup; I need to invest in wardrobe essentials.


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