Challenge: Minimal Makeup

12 Sep

Here’s the thing about makeup, as time passes by, it becomes something like a Faustian pact: when you sign up for it, you’ll never go back!


Okay, let me rephrase that.

I had a lightbulb moment: I realized that I put too much gunk on my face and I need to rein it in a little (fine, a lot) because it’s the reason why I’ve been breaking out heavily lately!

This is why I’m going to challenge myself. Until I figure out what’s making me break out (makeup, skin care, stress), I’m going to go makeup free. Okay, not completely makeup free, but very minimal. Instead of the usual package, I’m slashing my routine down to mascara, eyebrows and lipstick! This is a BIG deal for me cuz I won’t be using my musts (concealer and eyeliner). I will have to rely on my lashes, brows and my vast lipstick collection to combat my zombie face. I even locked the traincase and gave the key to a (very amused) custodian.

PROS: skin gets to breathe, cuts the preparation time every morning, saves product

CONS: I’m not used to it!! (Withdrawal symptoms)

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten to be so dependent and addicted to makeup; I used to go makeup free even after graduating from college.

On with the challenge! Let’s do this!

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