For a Cause: The Beauty Junkee’s Denver

27 Sep

Yo, readers. Every now and then I include a dog-related post. Why? It’s because I have a dog too. Even though he’s exasperating, weird and hella faulty according to the breed standards (ahem, Dell are you reading this?), I care about him more than I care about people around me. He’s not just a dog; he’s my little boy. Unless you raise dogs, you probably wouldn’t understand how much of a stress-relief they are because they will stick by you no matter how bad things are going for you.

When I read The Beauty Junkee’s post about her 3YO GR, Denver, I just had to share their story and hope that people would find it in themselves to feel for them.

And so, here we go:

After taking a bathroom break from all that net surfing, I saw Denver happily rolling and twisting on the floor as I emerged from the bathroom. That’s what he does every night to amuse himself if he’s not yet sleepy. But deep inside, I know this dog is hurting.

Last Saturday, I brought Denver to the Makati Cat and Dog Hospital for his Anti- Rabies and Heartworm prevention vaccination shots. I also had him groomed ‘cos he was really smelly and had long nails.

I told the Doctor that he only has a “ball”. I always tell this fact to Denver’s vets because it’s such a great way to break that awkward silence between you and the vet (LOL)!

The doctor went up to Denver and touched his ball area. I told him that the person who sold Denver to me told me that he had a “luslos”. I don’t know what the English translation of this medical term is. So if there are doctor or nurse readers out there, maybe you could help me out. And thank you too in advance!

Then the doctor said that it ain’t “luslos”. It’s an hereditary abnormality which he has unfortunately inherited. See, his other “ball” grew inside him, and it’s applying so much pressure on his innards. If he doesn’t get the right treatment, he will develop tumors on his intestines which will eventually lead to cancer.

This news broke my heart. I wanted to tell the doctor that I want Denver to undergo surgery right then and there, but it costs 15k.

But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my dog and let him wilt, suffer, and die. The world is full of opportunities and I will gladly take every single opportunity if that means the healing of my beloved Denver.

I’ve been practicing and mastering the “Law of Attraction” lately, and I am a witness to the many miracle stories of people who have succeeded with the Law of Attraction. Denver needs P15,000.00 for his castration surgery, medicine, doctor’s fee, lodging, and surgery supplies. I believe that the universe blesses all those who love unconditionally and give without expecting anything in return. Truth be told, this dog does nothing for me. He eats and sleeps all day. But like how a mother would care for her child, that’s how I would care for Denver. I know it sounds silly, but Denver and I have this special connection. God gave him to me because he knows that I have the power to give life to this poor dog. And I will take care of him for as long as I could! (reposted from The Beauty Junkee)

TBJ (Martha) rescued Denver from the hell that is Cartimar. If you’re from around here, you’re aware that the place is notoriously known for less than ideal living conditions of all animals that are being sold there. I think, if I remember correctly, Denver had previous owners who couldn’t take care of him and he eventually ended up in Cartimar where Martha found him – an overgrown GR in a cage that is much too small for him.  In addition to that, he was severely underweight, flea-infested and he couldn’t walk or run properly as a result of being holed up in a too-small cage for a long time.

Why people keep dogs in that condition, I’ll never know.

And here’s what Denver has to say:

Denver (c) The Beauty Junkee

“Hello dear readers of my mommy’s beauty blog. As you all know, I am Denver, Martha’s beloved Golden Retriever. I drool a lot, wet the floor a lot, pee and poop a lot, and eat a ton. But Martha loves me for that. Every night, I would gladly wait for her to descend from the top of our house ‘cos she feeds me three slices of bread every night to keep the grumble in my tummy at bay before feasting on my dog food cereal in the morning. But I think there’s something wrong with me. I can’t help but let out small squeaks at night. Martha would wake me up and would do Human- Speak that I totally can’t understand. But I know she’s concerned. I can see it in her eyes. I wish I could tell her that something’s painful, but all I can do is just stare back at her, hoping that she’ll find out why I squeak a lot at night. I’m always full but something inside hurts. Is it food? I know it ain’t. Something’s covering my tummy. And it’s really painful. Sometimes, I don’t feel like playing, but I don’t want to disappoint Martha and her family. But ya know that sharp, piercing pain? It’s unbearable. I wanna bite them sometimes if they squeeze my tummy too hard whenever they’re playing with me. But I can’t bite them. I love them. So I just stand up and walk away and lie under the table. *Sighs* I hope one day the terrible pain goes away….’Cos I wanna play with Martha more.” (reposted from The Beauty Junkee)

If you’re one of those who thought that the debacle about the dude who hung his puppy on a clothes line was funny, or you’ve seen those poor puppies in china be roasted alive or be tossed into the lake / river / ocean to drown and did not feel anything, I feel bad for you; you’ve never experienced taking care of a creature who looked up to you and would love you for as long as you’d have him (and maybe even longer).

But if you’re a pet parent who knows what it’s like to feel and care for your fur babies, maybe one of these days you’d like to extend a helping hand to those who are in need. No matter how mad you are at your pet for destroying, say, your new pair of slippers, be grateful that s/he is a healthy one because there are a lot out there who are not. And to them, you could donate a bag of dog food to animal shelters or even money if you have spare cash or even just a mention in your prayers or pass along kind words, show your concern or even attend events for a cause — all these things do help, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Even if most of us aren’t activists, let’s show our support, shall we?


2 Responses to “For a Cause: The Beauty Junkee’s Denver”

  1. Martha September 27, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    Thank you very much Sara. I feel so blessed because there are people like you who actually cares for a dog that you have nothing to do with. God bless you Sara. 🙂

    • Sara September 28, 2011 at 12:57 am #

      Hey Martha. It’s no problem at all; it takes a pet parent to understand the woes of another. We’ll find a way to help you and Denver 😀

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