Bazaar Alert: Trendsetter’s Bazaar

5 Oct

It’s easy enough to figure out how I cope with the stress I’m constantly dealing with at work: I shop. Yes, I believe in retail therapy. It’s shallow, but you gotta admit that it works.

I’m no stranger to bazaars, but I am rather selective. As much as possible, I’d try to find out who will be there. There are some bazaars that are pretty… meh; you know, over-hyped but I always end up not buying anything. This is mostly because I play as the “voice of reason” for my shopping buddy who, by the way, gets so crazy about these things that she actually plans how we should navigate, how many rounds, on what round you should start buying stuff, etc.

Then there are bazaars that gives you that gut feeling that you’ll need to save money for because you’ll cry if either you don’t buy anything or you’ll leave the venue with a much lighter wallet and a very guilty conscience.

The Trendsetter’s Bazaar is exactly that.

Trensetter’s Bazaar: October 7-9, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent

I’m pretty worried for my wallet at the moment. At the Trendsetter’s Bazaar, a few of my favorites will be there: French Macaroons, Digital Traincase, Hyphen Store, Shiq bags, The Makeup Store, etc. I have a list of what I want to buy and what I need to buy. Also, I have to consider the MUA gig I’m doing in December (I’m getting paid! woot!); I need to restock on foundation shades. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to network either. Note to self: must bring business cards.

So anybody here attending the Trendsetter’s Bazaar?


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