Trip to the Dermatologist

7 Oct

So. I’ve been having issues with my skin lately. It frustrated me, at the very least since I normally have pretty good skin; it’s no Belo baby, but it’s decent enough. I wasn’t sure if it was stress or of it was all the gunk that I put on my face everyday, but either way, my skin was protesting in the form of whiteheads similar to that of my brother’s (not not as bad as his).

And so my mom dragged the two of us to a dermatologist. Said dermatologist is a childhood friend of hers.

We had to wait for a few hours because she was attending to another patient. Her clinic was cozy but clean – it had none of the too-sterile environment that most clinics have. My brother went in after an hour of waiting. All the time that he was undergoing whatever treatment was there, I saw how he kept fidgeting and how his foot kept twitching. Really, I paid no mind. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I could remember snickering after he came out, face splotchy and red.

Gads, when it was my turn, I seriously wished I didn’t laugh at him.

It was probably the most painful facial I’ve ever gone through because of the lesions that grew on my cheeks! The doctor painstakingly cleaned, pricked and removed all the protruding blemishes and not just the cheeks — she got rid of everything she could find. Basically, I had to go through a facial, deep cleaning / extraction and peel.

This is what it looked like, afterwards:

ugh. zombie face.

Anyway, I wasn’t allowed to wash my face that evening and I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup for a WEEK until it heals. It’s been (almost) a week and I’m suuuper relieved to be able to wear makeup again.

During the past week, my skin care routine had to undergo yet another evaluation. This time, I stuck to the essentials:

  • Facial wash: Pond’s Pure White (morning and evening)
  • Toner:  Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Alcohol-free Toner (evening only) and the toner the doctor gave me (used 2x a week)
  • Exfoliate: Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash (used 3x) a week
  • Moisturizer / Sunblock: Myra Daily Sun Protect facial moisturizer (morning)
  • Moisturizer / Night Cream: Nivea Visage Q10 Plus night cream
  • Eye Cream: Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener (morning and evening)

And I’m sticking to Pond’s Cold Cream as a makeup remover! Yes, I semi cheated on the whole no-makeup-for-a-week thing. I just couldn’t leave the house without doing my eyebrows, slathering mascara on and a bright red (matte) lipstick to compensate for the lack of other products.

I’m happy to report that my week of meticulous skin care has so far been successful. No fresh breakouts, no drying and my face is healing okay. Kaya if I were you, I wouldn’t do what I did: WAIT. Yes, I was guilty of waiting too long, of procrastinating and ignoring how my skin obviously rebelled against being taken for granted. Not doing it again. Seriously.


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