Bazaar Alert: The Trendsetter’s Bazaar

9 Oct

The funniest (and most common) thing that the concessionaires told me that yesterday morning: “Uy, you’re early ha!”

We were there before it opened. No, I’m not kidding. And guess what, I was even late. My shopping buddy and her colleague came straight from their night-shift job to Rockwell. A little extreme, I know, but that’s what devoted shoppers do, I guess.


I made a point to visit all the booths I’ve gone to before; a little networking wouldn’t hurt. Everybody was super friendly and yes, they remember faces (especially my friend’s). We made the customary “inspection” round before whipping out the cash or cards for purchases. Prior to that day, I already had a list of what I’d like to buy and from who. Out of the five things I wanted to buy, I only managed to score TWO.

Not quite a fail, since I am pretty happy with what I got, even if they’re mostly impulse buys. Haha.

Here’s the haul report:

haul from the bazaar

  • Php 850 for a red 13-inch satchel (cambridge satchel inspired) from Impulse Co. (and she threw in a discounted polka pouch, got it for 50 instead of the usual 250)
  • Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara and a pair of Great Lash Mascara (special value pack) from Chedelyn for a total of Php 850
  • Not really from the bazaar, per se, but I also got myself “Stories” by Neil Gaiman (it’s an anthology) at National Bookstore for Php 450 (or something, I can’t remember)

Just for reference, I wanted to get UDPP, NYX HD Foundation and something from MAC Rockwell. But it wasn’t meant to be.

But I’m not disappointed. At all. Nope.

That bag is – quite possibly – my best buy from the bazaar. I’ve been wanting to get the Cambridge Satchel, but it’s waay too expensive. Even if it’s something I’d be crazy enough to buy, my conscience kept telling me that I should use the moolah to pay for my everyday expenses and my phone bill. I’m not even going to bother passing it off as a Cambridge satchel (because it’s not), but hey, it’s a close dupe. It’s not a replica, but it’s an “inspired piece”.

And being the nutcase that I am, red just absolutely stands out, especially when I’m wearing dark ensembles. I love red. I’ll talk about the bag some other time. I’m going to road test it first.

So, anybody else with haul posts from the Trendsetter’s Bazaar? 😀


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