Spotlight: Grubbies

5 Nov

Since I was in the Rockwell area today, getting that much-needed “me-time”, I dropped by the Global Pinoy Bazaar.

The place was packed with people!

I didn’t buy anything, though there were a few pieces that I’d super love to get my hands on, had budget (at the moment) permitted me. One of ’em is a white top from Grubbies.

Grubbies was actually introduced to me by Liz. It’s a clothing line with a straightforward concept: clothes for busy girls.

Grubbies is a clothing line for women who are busy as hell. It’s for active women who need durable clothes that they can move in comfortably all day, under humid heat or pouring rain.

When I found out that they’d be at the Global Pinoy Bazaar, it was one of the first brands that I searched for inside the tent. Took me two rounds to locate them. When you get inside the tent, turn right and straight ahead; they’re at the corner. They’re next to Abby Jocson’s booth.

I went through the clothes and I was pleasantly surprised! Granted, I was already expecting simple designs, but the ones from Grubbies appealed to me greatly. I rarely talk about clothes here, but since we’re at it, I’m big on minimalism and plains. I don’t think I own anything that has print, so Grubbies got me interested on that alone.

The designs are simple, straightforward and functional – which is exactly what the brand stands for, really. They’re for women to wear without looking sloppy, particularly those who are juggling so many things at once that they don’t really have time to even worry about what they’re going to throw on.

So if you’re in a hurry or you just want to grab something and go (without making miscalculations), best turn to Grubbies for that.

The materials are also really nice. They’re lightweight, airy and durable; no flimsy materials are used. In fact, I think they are designed to withstand wear and tear (within expectations, of course).

They’re affordable too.

Sadly, I won’t be able to buy anything from them. Yet. Most likely on payday pa. Still, seeing their collection, I already know which ones to get from them when I get the chance! Liz has one from them, though, so best head over to her blog at Project Vanity and watch out for her thoughts on the brand.


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