X-Post: FitFlop Launches AW2011 Collection

10 Nov

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November 10, 2011

Along with coats and scarves, boots had long become a staple during the latter part of the year when the weather has shifted to something colder. Even in a tropical country such as ours, boots or sturdier forms of footwear are being worn and spotted around the Metro during (what we refer to as) the -ber months, whether it be just to channel the fashionable Autumn/Winter collections of the runway or for practicality’s sake.

Also on the rise are footwear that is designed to give you a workout while you walk. Although the Philippines is generally not a place where one would just walk from a destination to another, with the notorious traffic we experience on the streets, traveling on foot could be a faster alternative.

For the health-conscious, walking is the best way to get the much-needed exercise without compromising one’s schedule. Walking is often the main form of workout that on-the-go folks turn to if they don’t have enough time to hit the gym.

This was why FitFlop was introduced to the market.

It starts with a mom-on-the-go

FitFlop founder Marcia Kilgore, an entrepreneur and busy mother of two, realized that she needed a way to be able to multitask; a way that would enable her to work and take care of her kids while still being able to work out. Kilgore conceptualized footwear that would enable people to get their exercise simply walking. With this idea in mind, Kilgore and her team came up with the technology the brand would later coin as Microwobbleboard™.

Since 2007, FitFlop has been making a name in the International market. FitFlop is available in over 50 countries, including the Philippines. The brand only entered the local market last year and already it has four concept stores, and has a number of kiosks and retailers.

Recently, the brand released its Autumn/Winter collection featuring new designs for their clogs, sneakers and the season’s must-have: boots.

FitFlop AW 2011 collection

FitFlop held an event at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5 last Tuesday, October 25, 2011 where they officially launched their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. A handpicked number of pieces from the AW 2011 collection were paraded on the runway at the event’s fashion show.

Angel Jacob, the host, introduced FitFlop, its philosophy and rapid growth as a brand that promotes ergonomic design for the health-conscious consumers. She also spoke of how a tropical country such as the Philippines has welcomed seasonal footwear despite the lack of Autumn and Winter.

The AW 2011 designs included boots of varying length (ankle, mid-calf, knee-high) and of different materials such as suede and leather. Included in the lineup of new footwear are clogs and sneakers for men and women.

The show also highlighted how the brand can seemingly be worn with any piece of clothing. Although pairing sneakers with business attire could tone down the overall feel of rigidity, it might still be seen as inappropriate for corporate settings that would require more polished footwear.

And it may be an exaggeration to wear winter boots with formal dresses.

Despite the growing trend of wearing boots in a country that has neither Autumn or Winter, Filipino consumers might prefer a few of the designs – namely the sneakers and the less chunky boots – over the others. Filipino consumers are known to be a practical bunch, after all; even the fashion savvy would have a difficult time justifying the use of stocky winter boots in the Philippines.

The material also comes into mind. In a country where it frequently rains during the latter half of the year, it might be best to prefer the leather over suede, especially if one intends to use their FitFlops while walking outside. Proper maintenance should be observed to prolong the lifespan of the material.

Seven Facebook fans of FitFlop Philippines also took over the runway wearing the designs from the new collection. This crowd included a full-time mother, a doctor, a groom-to-be, a Special Education teacher (who has over 55 pairs of FitFlops) and a chef.

FitFlop International Marketing Manager Irene Celli was invited on stage. Celli spoke of how the Philippines is one of the most successful and fastest growing market. She also referred the AW 2011 collection as a “fashionable shift” where the brand made a conscious effort to provide its customers with trendier designs.

The event was held in partnership with Dreamcast events production, Baicapture, ETC and UNO Magazine.

Visit FitFlop Philippines on Facebook to find out where to purchase your favorites from the FitFlop AW 2011 collection or check out the new designs on their website, http://www.fitflop.com.

Article from http://www.thepoc.net/thepoc-features/beauty-and-fashion/news-and-events/14058-fitflop-launches-aw-2011-collection.html


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