Initial Review: NYX HD Foundation and Primer

21 Nov

I have a makeup gig in December and since I’m actually getting paid this time (finally), I bought some fresh supplies: NYX HD Foundation and the HD Primer. Since I’ll be using this on a wedding, I tested it out on the nearest busiest and hottest day (saturday) when I was running errands; I had to take Sami to the groomers, go to lunch, run back to home depot, take Sami home, rush off to Shang for dinner.

In all honesty, with all that heat and activity, I was expecting the makeup to melt off. When I looked at my reflection just before midnight when I was going to take a shower, I was pleasantly surprised; it was still there! Well, not as fresh, but you could see that I was still wearing foundation.

Initial thoughts on the Primer:

  • It smelled like makeup (haha), but nothing too distracting
  • It’s white; so don’t treat this like foundation
  • Makes the foundation last
  • Has some oil control properties

Initial thoughts on the Foundation:

  • My shade match is Medium (albeit a little dark)
  • Soft matte finish
  • Coverage is light to medium (at best)
  • Limited shades
  • One pump is more than enough for the whole face
  • Long lasting, but maybe that’s because I wore it with the Primer

Don’t expect MUFE-like HD makeup when you use this, okay? There’s a reason why it’s cheaper. I’m not saying that it’s no good, either; it holds it’s own against the other brands that offer HD makeup.

You know what, I was so busy testing it out that I forgot to take a picture. Ah well. I’ll be posting a more detailed review when I have it. Stay tuned.


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