Haul: 11 29 2011

30 Nov

I bought a couple of things from this week’s paycheck, after paying for my phone bill, of course. After much (internal) debate, I’ve decided to postpone buying yet another palette and brush set in favor of handpicked brushes and eye shadow shades.

Since I’m trying to complete my empty palette (which already has three shades), I thought I’d get two more. I bought MAC All That Glitters (Php900) and MAC Espresso (Php900). Initially, I wanted MAC Brun – a black/brown shade but it wasn’t available at the time. Boo.

MAC Eyeshadows


And since I was already at Shangri-La, I went to check out the Charm Vegan Brushes! They’re so lovely, all of them. But I had to remind myself to buy only the “needs”. I bought the Crease Blending Brush (Php275), Pencil Point Brush (Php250), Shading Brush (Php250) and the Blush/Contour Brush (Php399).

Charm Vegan Brushes

These brushes are uber soft and I’m absolutely loving the crease blending brush the most. So much that I’m getting my personal enabler one, since she mentioned that she still needs a “proper” blending brush.

Detailed review in a week or two!


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