Event: Bloggers United 2, Moonlit, Snoe Beauty

3 Dec

Had a long, exhausting but really awesome day as I was running around the Makati/Taguig area today. Dropped by Bloggers United 2 (at Treston International College in Global City), checked out Beauty and Minerals / Digital Traincase / Beauty PRO Cosmetics at Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell and, despite the utter lack of food in my system and this crazy December heat, attended the bloggers event by Snoe Beauty Inc.

And to add to my backlog (haha), I have a massive haul from today’s events!

Went to visit Liz at the Ferretti booth in Bloggers United 2 and can I just say that the place was packed with people! Got this:

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic

Dropped by Moonlit afterwards. Saw the usual suspects and immediately I gravitated towards Digital Traincase and Beauty and Minerals and Beauty PRO Cosmetics. I bought yet another brush (no judgement) — the uber soft and dense Charm Vegan Powder Brush from Sophie herself.

And at the Snoe Garden Tea Party for bloggers, we made lots of chika with established and aspiring bloggers, played with their product samples, had yummy food and was given a generous loot bag by the lovely ladies of Snoe. I can’t wait to play use these!

Snoe goodies

Detailed reviews to come soon. While I road test the goodies I got from today, I really have to work on my back log. Really. Yeah. Must do that.

EDIT: WordPress just told me that this is my 90th post! Gunning for the 100th… say, by this week? Who knows, I might even have giveaways!


One Response to “Event: Bloggers United 2, Moonlit, Snoe Beauty”

  1. Ana Gonzales (@anagon) December 5, 2011 at 7:36 am #

    Thanks for going to Bloggers United! 🙂 Till next!

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