X-Post: Snoe Meets the Bloggers

5 Dec

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December 05, 2011

Though there is a plethora of available products dedicated to skin care or beauty, finding one brand that caters to every need remains to be elusive. So when two women, who claimed to have tested almost every product (from the cheapest to the most expensive) that is in the market, cannot find what they’re looking for in one brand, they made their own.

They conceptualized a brand, proudly pinoy-made, that would offer a wide variety of skin care and cosmetic products at reasonable prices. After over a year of being released into the local market, bazaar veteran Snoe Beauty Inc. is fast becoming a key player in the industry.

They started out by actively joining bazaars and very recently, they’ve welcomed consumers into their newly-opened branches at major malls all throughout the Metro. And just last Saturday, Snoe (pronounced as “snowy”) held their first blogger event in Makati. The event was organized and hosted by the team behind the brand.

The event was hosted by the women – the faces and the brains – of Snoe Beauty Inc.: Jen Gerodias-Diaz and Gen Enriquez-Gerodias, both of whom are beauty and skin care enthusiasts like their guests.
At the garden tea party-themed bloggers event, the hosts formally introduced the company, the concept of Snoe Beauty Inc. and their plans for its expansion. They also spoke of how it grew as a brand and personally demonstrated to an audience of attentive bloggers, each of their best selling products.

Gen and Jen also pointed out their favorites and reassured the attendees that they are actively involved in the testing process and that they themselves use the products before releasing them in the market.

The bloggers were then given free access to the testers and the well-lit displays.


Snoe, named after Jen’s only daughter, was established on February 2010 as a specialty cosmetics brand that offers a wide range of high-quality, effective products that are reasonably priced. Although Snoe is a fairly new player in the competitive field of holistic beauty and skin care, they aim to be recognized as one of the biggest Global Filipino brands.

By this, their products are created to serve the daily needs of their customers.


Snoe’s flagship products are the centered on skin care: “Snoe White” Beauty Bars (12 variants) and the SPF45 Sunblock with Bengkoang (or Singkamas, dubbed as “the new Papaya”). Gen and Jen are firm believers that everybody should prioritize skin care and protection from daily elements.

Though Snoe started out by creating skin care products, they’ve gradually ventured into the cosmetics field and rolled out a few beauty products (from lip/cheek tints to BB creams), body spritzes, scrubs and oils.

But their top-selling product is the Snoe “Hair Heroes”, particularly the variant that includes Argan Oil. This variant, apparently, was easily sold out at the last Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell.

Where to, Snoe?

Although Snoe is an advocate of providing healthy alternatives to potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in cosmetics, most of their products have whitening ingredients which may not appeal to all.

Also, an interesting question was raised during the event, regarding the future of Snoe’s products. Understandably, Snoe is a fairly young company, and despite using high-grade ingredients in their products, the price tag is undoubtedly reasonable.

But what if the company becomes a key player in the beauty and skin care industry? Will their products bear the same prohibitive price tag as their established counterparts? As the President of Snoe Beauty Inc., Jen addressed this concern by promising that they will hold true to their claim to provide the local market with products that are value for money.

Snoe products can be found at the following store locations: Glorietta (Makati), Festival Mall (Alabang Muntinlupa), SM Muntinlupa, SM Valenzuela. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Article from http://thepoc.net/thepoc-features/beauty-and-fashion/news-and-events/14297-snoe-meets-the-bloggers.html


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