Applying Makeup on the Go

7 Dec

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s waking up late, getting ready for work and rushing out the door all within 30 minutes. I don’t leave the house without my sunglasses because, well, I don’t do my makeup at home anymore unless I wake up extra early for it. I  either do it when I get to the office or when I’m in the cab.

From my last “whats in your bag” post, I also took a picture of what’s in my kit. The only thing that’s changed is the brush (I now use the powder brush from the charm travel pro 3 set). Otherwise, these are the products that I swear by, especially on a day when I don’t really have that much time to prep my face.

Anyway, here are a few things to remember when you’re going to apply your makeup while in a moving four-wheel vehicle:

  • Keep it simple. Makes sense, right? If you’re in a cab or you’re running late, you won’t have time to do all the eye shadow blending or winged lines. Keep everything straightforward. For me, it’s conceal-foundation-blush-shadow-curl-mascara-brows-lipstick. It might sound a lot, but I can do everything in 10 minutes, inside a moving cab. If a single step it takes more than a minute to apply on a normal day, skip it altogether.
  • Stay away from liquids. Or loose powders. They’re messy and you’ll just end up rummaging inside your bag for tissue or wet wipes. Go for pressed powder/foundation instead. Cream products are also acceptable; anything that doesn’t slosh or swirl around in a container.
  • Bring dual-purpose products. Lip/Cheek tints, anyone? These are super handy and they save space in your kit. Though I don’t use tints, my blush (the Balm Hot Mama) also doubles as an eye shadow. Guess what, even your lipstick is a dual-purpose product (lip and cheek).
  • Know which ones to use. Personally, the ones in my kit, stay there because they’re reliable; know which products that work for you in such a way that they can prettify a blank canvas or can serve for later retouch.
  • Be careful! Especially if you’re doing your makeup in a car or any moving four-wheel vehicle and you’ve got slightly shaky hands? Ack. Don’t pinch your lids with your curler or don’t poke your eye with a mascara! Wait for the traffic light; we all know we have a generous amount of those on our streets.

Sometimes, to add an extra wow factor to the whole look, I use a loud lipstick. Carefully applied, of course. It makes it look like you actually spent time in front of a mirror. Also note that I never leave the house, no matter how late I am, without moisturizer and sunblock.


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