Top Picks of 2011

27 Dec

When I say I bought a lot of makeup this year, I mean it. So much so that I have my share of planned and impulse buys, of drugstore and high-end brands. But inevitably, no matter how much makeup you buy, there are a few things that you can’t help but regularly reach out for.

So here it is: my top picks for 2011.

Foundations: Nars Sheer Glow (Barcelona) and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (Natural 4)

In almost everything (‘cept for the price range), these two are opposites: NARS offers medium-full coverage and a semi-matte finish while Bobbi Brown is as sheer and dewy as you can get. However, they share the same purpose and give the same “effect” — your skin but a hundred times better. I tend to reach for NARS during breakout or dull skin days but Bobbi Brown makes an excellent everyday foundation.

In2It eyebrow powder

I’m not sure when it was that I started paying attention to brows, but I found pencils too soft and creamy and they give me dark, almost neanderthal looking brows (and I already have dark brows to begin with). I just needed something to help me shape it, per se, and this product did it for me. With three colors, I can even mix it up from light to dark.

Urban Decay NAKED Eyeshadow Palette

When the hype for the UD Naked died down a bit, I bought this as a birthday present for myself back in August and that was when I started appreciating eyeshadows. At first, I wasn’t an eyeshadow person; I just didn’t have the time for the color selection and blending but I think this palette changed that. I became enamored with neutrals. The lovely thing about this palette is that the colors work together; it doesn’t matter which one you choose and what you pair it with.

TheBalm Hot Mama! Blush/Eyeshadow/Highlighter

At first glance, this is a dupe of the cult favorite NARS Orgasm but on closer inspection, the warmer Hot Mama is better suited for medium-dark to dark skinned folks. Sorry if the case is a little dirty, but that’s proof that this is still my HG blush. Bonus points for being a multitasker because this can also serve as a highlighter and an eyeshadow.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW30)

It’s creamy, it’s good for undereye circles and blemish concealing and it stays put all day. What’s not to love? Oh and can I just say that this lasted me for a year (I use this everyday without fail) and I’m still scraping a good amount of product from the sides of the pot.

Tools: CHARM Makeup Brushes

I’m sure a lot of makeup enthusiasts who came across these uber dense and crazy soft brushes has, at one point, thanked Sophie of Beautynomics/Beauty and Minerals for introducing CHARM. When I looked at my brush collection (an upcoming post), around 80% of my brushes are from CHARM; the Travel Pro v.3, Vegan Brushes (featured above), Kabuki Brush, and the Flat Top Brush. Why? Zero shedding, soft, dense, they pack on the color and they’re absolutely reliable. They are made of awesome.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (black)

I told you there are good drugstore finds! It’s no MAC Fluidline, but it still delivers. Pigmented, excellent staying power and very creamy (makes the application easy). Also, I’ve been using this for months and I still have a lot of product in the pot and it hasn’t dried out on me yet! Major love for the brush it comes with; even Lisa Eldridge uses this stuff!

Lipsticks: Revlon Really Red (matte) and MAC Cosmo (amplified cream)

Even though I have 20+ tubes of lipsticks in my stash, there are two shades that I keep coming back to and they’re featured above. One is my go-to red lipstick and the other one is (technically) a MLBB shade with a tinge of pink. Great shades, awesome staying power. I also want to mention three more; though they’re not as battered as the other two, I still turn to these if I want to try something else, but still within the realm of what I’m familiar with: NARS Schiap (barbie pink), MAC Chatterbox (warm bubblegum pink) and MAC Vegas Volt (bright coral).

Special Mention: MAC eyeshadows

MAC eye shadows became favorites for a reason: lots of colors, excellent pigmentation and color payoff and they’re affordable (considering they’re “high end”). Pros and enthusiasts alike, love them. As of today I have eight shades in my 15-pan palette and I intend to complete all 15. After that maybe I’ll stop with the eye shadows and lust after blushes next. Harhar.

Anywhoo, these are my top picks for this year; from your stash, which ones are your favorites?


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