Haul: Christmas 2011

31 Dec

Wait, I sorta named this wrong. A better title for this would be “Year-ender Splurge”. Haha. This haul is my last one for the year and I probably won’t be touching these until January (which is in, what, less than 12hours?).

I’m mentally preparing myself for a more calculated year ahead; in fact, I’ve started making lists on what I should invest in and keep the lemmings/impulse buys down to a minimum.

But since it’s still 2011…

9-inch beige satchel from Impulse Co., NARS blush in Amour and the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil in Seal Brown. One need, two lemmings.

I’ve been needing a weekend/coffee/trip-to-the-bookstore kind of bag so I went for a smaller satchel in a different color. Later, I’ll be writing a review on the two satchels that I have.

Also, I was rummaging through my stash a few weeks ago and I realized that my blushes are either pink or coral. I don’t have an everyday “no-brainer” blush; a shade that could go with almost everything because it provides a natural-looking color to one’s cheeks. And since I already have my share of MAC blushes, I’ve decided to try NARS’ best-selling product. Initially, I wanted Dolce Vita, but since it was out of stock, I went for Amour instead.

I think I accidentally spawned a new obsession.

Finally, I gave into my lemming and bought myself my first Shu Uemura item. My current HG brow product is powder since pencils are a little too soft and too pigmented for my brows. When I came across reviews of this, I still shrugged it off for being a bit too pricey for a brow pencil. When I tried it on, however, I finally figured out why most people bought and raved about this product. And the best part is, I bought this when Shu Uemura was holding a 15% off on all products!

As usual, I’ll post more detailed reviews in the (near) future.


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