On Air

17 Jan

Yes, folks. I’m alive. Still drowning in work and sorting out a few personal issues, but I am alive and I intend to hit the 100th mark before end of Feb.

End of Feb, by the way, is when I’m supposed to buy myself domain/hosting services as per my Web Designer/Developer buddies. I’ve been putting it off since I can’t quite bring myself to justify the cost (albeit a one-time payment per year); it’s just not in my “needs” list. Then I realized that I might just jumpstart my blogging – and keep it going, hopefully – if I finally have a spanking new layout, my own [dot] com and the like. Call it inspiration, if you will.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll have new posts because.. well, I need to write again. Haha.

Here’s proof that I’m alive:

Taken just before today’s event (PinkBox) at UCC, Burgos Circle.


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