Review: MAC Party Parrot

7 Feb

When I want an item, I search high and low for it. MAC Party Parrot is one of those.

I first saw the swatch at last year and I immediately fell in love with it. When the collection was launched in the US, I had to beg my cousin to secure one for me. Sadly, my begging fell on deaf ears and this shade was sold out after a day the collection was finally available to the public.

Selena came to the rescue. This arrived in the mail last Friday and I just had to give it a test run the very next day.

MAC Party Parrot

Sorry about the picture as it made the lipstick look bright red when it actually has a tinge of pink mixed in.


  • The color! I really like red-pinks; the pink adds a touch of something flirty to a classic red shade. MAC Party Parrot a very vivid red-pink and it’s not for the shy.
  • Can I just say that I like how it looks on me? Haha! For reference, I’m something along the lines of NC37-42 (weird, I know).
  • The color is very opaque. One swipe is all you need. Layering it on will just intensify the color, making it brighter (think: neon) than it already is.
  • The texture is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this. MAC mattes are notoriously drying but surprisingly, the new formula (or the one used on these), the application is easy; it applies like a MAC satin lipstick with the finish and feel of a matte.
  • The staying power is one of the main reasons why I love mattes. I wore this for a good 12 hours without retouching. In the picture below (taken yesterday), I applied the lipstick at 8am, had breakfast, lunch, drank water all day, had a light dinner and took a 3-hour nap before remembering that I have to snap a picture of me wearing the lipstick. The crazy shade was still there and I wouldn’t even call it a stain; it’s almost as bright as it did in the morning when I first applied it.

  • Instant face brightener. I’m pretty much in my zombie mode today and good thing I left this tube in my bag; I just swiped it on after one dusting of my MAC SF powder+foundation


  • It’s a limited edition shade from the Iris Apfel collection so sadly, I can’t buy a backup tube as it’s sold out everywhere. If you find a reseller with this shade on hand, don’t be surprised if it’s more expensive than your usual MAC lippie.
  • It’s so bright, it’s a little scary if you’re not used to loud colors. Best tone everything down if you want to wear this or you’ll look like a drag queen.
  • It stained my fingers when I tried rubbing it off with water after I tried removing it with a makeup remover.


  • Party Parrot has been compared with MAC Impassioned (a permanent shade). I don’t have the latter, but they say it’s more or less the same shade as Party Parrot. It’s a given though, that they’re different in texture as MAC Party Parrot is a matte and Impassioned is an amplified creme.
  • Though this is a fairly creamy matte, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before wearing this; flaking is unsightly.
  • I dunno about others, but usually when I’m wearing something bright on the lips, my cheeks are bare minimum. With Party Parrot, I tried wearing it with bare cheeks and it felt a little off so I added a very small amount of NARS Amour to my cheeks (with the brush barely touching my cheeks). I was surprised to see that it looked better that way.


I. love. this. I’d buy a back up if I could. Haha. It’s well worth the wait and the hype over it.

EDIT: Here’s a better picture of me wearing MAC Party Parrot. See the full force of the lipstick!


3 Responses to “Review: MAC Party Parrot”

  1. micheatsandshops February 7, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Gorgeous shade and I must agree, it looks fabulous on you! Compliments your golden skin tone talaga and brightens up your entire face. I’m amazed that it lasted so long! For me, i have a nasty habit of chewing on my lips so lipsticks don’t last long at all! Baka it will stain my teeth when i start chewing? Hahaha Too bad it’s limited edition. 😦 Oh well! And agree, a bit of blush on the cheeks while wearing bright cheeks tie the look together. 🙂

  2. Wendell Sabile February 7, 2012 at 7:57 am #

    I’m attracted with the staying powers of it! I wish there’s a black version of this. You know very well where I’m going to try this. bwahahaha!


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