Review: MAC Eyeshadows

21 Feb

When it comes to storing/organizing makeup, I actually have limited space. I don’t own a vanity table, dresser or shelf, my stuff lives inside my train case. So as you can guess, I can’t keep buying stuff my box can’t accommodate. S’all good, in a way; it gives me another factor to consider before I burn money on something and worry about where to store it afterwards.

And lately, I’ve taken to buying eye shadow singles. MAC, in particular. Since these things cost Php 900 apiece, it makes me want to keep the pots and the boxes. Knowing that I can’t because I have a storage problem, I did the next best thing: I bought an empty 15-pan palette.

As of today, this is what I’ve got:

Top L-R: Moleskin (LE matte), All That Glitters (veluxe pearl), Arena (satin), Expensive Pink (veluxe pearl)
Middle: Bronze (frost), Romp (frost), Samoa Silk (veluxe)
Bottom: Sumptuous Olive (veluxe pearl), Espresso (matte), Sketch (velvet), Carbon (matte)

Neutrals. They’re a no brainer, really. You can use one shade as an overall lid wash or mix whatever shades you want and they still work well together. Though my favorite texture is a veluxe pearl, I also have a couple of mattes, frosts, a satin and a velvet.

There’s another that I haven’t featured: MAC Mythical (LE veluxe pearl) in it’s original pot.


  • MAC eyeshadows are famous for having a wide variety of colors. More so when you can drop by one of their PRO Stores. Unfortunately, not all shades are available locally and we definitely don’t have PRO stores here. Sad face.
  • MAC has a total of eight permanent finishes and I have  most of it. This is where inconsistency comes in; some of them are more pigmented than others, creamier, easier to blend. But with eight to choose from, I think it’s going to be difficult to not find something you like. Personally, I like the mattes, frosts, satins and the veluxe pearls. I find these the easiest to work with.
  • Undoubtedly pigmented.
  • Don’t get fooled by the tiny pot. You get a lot of product in one because (as with most of this), you don’t need to apply layers and layers and layers to get the color on your lid.
  • With the right primer, the color will stay on your lids.
  • And they won’t crease.
  • I like the fact that MAC has different collections almost every month; usually collections offer both new, limited edition, repromoted, PRO and permanent shades.


  • Pricey at Php 900 per pot.
  • I have a palette. And since we don’t have refill pans here, I have to depot the eyeshadows. Depotting involves a knife, a candle, alcohol and toxic fumes!


  • Usually, you have to swatch these yourself because the MAC website isn’t the best place to view the colors.
  • And upon first glance, it looks as if some of the shades can pass off as dupes.

Remember the rule: Heavy eyes + subtle lips and in vice versa. It’s a classic and a foolproof combination that you can sport during the day or at night outs.

Overall, MAC eyeshadows deserve their reputation and is a known favorite of makeup artists and enthusiasts. Granted, there are other eyeshadows that are as good, but hey, MAC is MAC; it’s a  favorite for a reason.

Got a favorite MAC eyeshadow shade?


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