Stress Chronicles: Office Desk Staples

24 Feb

I’m introducing a new segment called the Stress Chronicles. I haven’t completely ironed out the details, but it’ll feature any work-related whatnots: what’s on my desk, what’s in my colleague’s makeup kits, my musings about what corporate people are wearing, where they go to de-stress. Most of it will be beauty and fashion related, of course, with a touch of  lifestyle (food, drink, activities, places and how many bottles of beer can my colleagues consume).

So, anyway.

I was having a rather slow morning, which was probably the result of sleeping early last night. I was out cold by 8pm. Gasp. Since I have this perpetual itch to fix and arrange things, I find cleaning my workstation, to be rather cathartic. And face it: less clutter, less stress.

This is my desk. My little nook where I spend most of the day. It’s a little dark towards the back because I have a “shelf” above.

I don’t think it’s something drastically different from other workstations as it contains the usual: my thick work notebook/planner, files, business cards, a book to keep me sane, a tumbler courtesy of BPO Career Hub (we have boxes of these things for giveaways),  a mug-turned-pen-holder, etc.

Here’s the highlight of my desk though; the two things that never leave the area:

Don't touch, dig?

Snoe Beauty Fizzy Clean Hand Sanitizer (which I need to replenish soon) and their famed Beso Balm! See? It’s heavily guarded by my desk buddy. Though I find alcohol to be pretty useful, it does end up drying my hands. It doesn’t help that I work in an airconditioned room. Fizzy Clean keeps my hands.. well, clean and moisturized after the foamy substance dries (and quickly too). Also, this smells better than alcohol.

As for the Beso Balm, since I’m at work and there are people around me, bonus points for having moisturized lips and fresh breath, right?


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