Weekend: No Rest for the Wicked

4 Mar

It’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted. Had no downtime this weekend so I’m really hoping that the upcoming week won’t too bad. And I need to haul my carcass to bed in a few minutes.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Went to the Kanebo event at SM Megamall. I watched the makeup artists prettify the already pretty volunteers and fellow bloggers. Went home with goodies! I haven’t taken product shots yet because I’ve been out all week but I got an eye shadow palette – one that’s good for daytime use and a lipstick. Will write about that one soon.

So after my stint at Megamall, I walked to Shang for a little R&R at Kroc Grille with my shopping buddy, M and his partner-in-crime, L. One of the best drinking sessions I’ve ever had, by the way. Should do it more often.

And I love ya, M, for defending something on my behalf.

Sucks I forgot to take a picture of us. The camera was right in front of me too… guess I was too distracted.

Saturday I met up with my shopping buddy (again) to get her blog rollin’. Do drop by her blog, by the way: swankywoman.wordpress.com — she’ll be writing about Fashion, Food and.. I’m not sure what the other one was.

I usually blog on Saturdays but after my little tutorial session, I had chores waiting for me back home. Fun.

Sunday we went off to the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center.

Saw the familiar crowd but I didn’t get to buy anything ‘cept for a red velvet cupcake and a can of coke zero (both of which were good buys, btw).

So tomorrow… it’s back to work or school for most of us. Here’s to hoping that I get to score atleast 7 hours of sleep before another week’s worth of work-related stress. How was your weekend?


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