FOTD: Muted

23 Mar

I haven’t posted FOTDs since.. what, my birthday week, I think. I thought I’d post one right now.

This FOTD is particularly interesting because I’m currently being plagued by the flu. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for days now. Truthfully, I hated how I looked yesterday; washed out, my eyes were puffy and watery, my dark circles were hideous.

You know what? Being sick isn’t an excuse to look crappy.

Let’s dissect the look, shall we?

Products used:

  • Primer – Vitacreme B12 Anti-Ageing Serum
  • Foundation – NARS Sheer Glow (barcelona)
  • Powder – MAC Blot Powder
  • Concealer – LA Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer (pure beige)
  • Blush – NARS Amour
  • Eyeshadow – MAC All That Glitters + Urban Decay Virgin (from the Naked Palette)
  • Mascara – Maybelline Great Lash (pile it on! I’m not wearing eyeliner in this :D)
  • Eyebrows – in2it Brow Powder
  • Lips – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (San Paulo – bought from Digital Traincase)

To the person who invented bright colored lipsticks: IOU, dig?

Okay, okay, you can tell by the eyes that I am sick. My usual evil glint isn’t there. C’mon, I’m on meds!

But vanity is, as vanity does.

So how do you cheat? Here are just a few tips:

  • Use your best foundation to fake perfect skin.
  • A little shine / glow is good so don’t overdo the powder; just use it where needed (on the areas you oil up easily). Some people like highlighters too.
  • Erase those dark circles! …Or make them less noticeable.
  • Grab your most reliable eyelash curler; curled eyelashes can make your eyes look more alert/awake
  • Pile on the mascara and make sure it’s waterproof
  • Use a lid wash; pick a beige/champagne shade that would neutralize the color of your eyelids. Shimmer also helps.
  • Blush. Fake that healthy / rosy flush. Just don’t go too crazy on the blush or you’ll end up with a color that looked like it came straight from a bottle (ie. drunken flush)
  • Lipstick. Instant face brighteners. Need I say more?

And finally… devote time in looking good especially if you’re going out even if you’d rather curl up in bed and sleep all day.


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