Pre-post preview

6 Apr

I think I’m a bit of a voyeur, really. Not the peeping tom kind, of course, but I just get a kick out of seeing what’s inside people’s bags, inside their makeup kits, what’s on their desk, etc. I’m a snoop by heart.

And you gotta wonder sometimes what a blogger’s desk looks like. I dunno. The idea just struck me when I stared at the organized chaos on what was once a clutter-free coffee table.

I’ve also decided to give you guys a preview of some of the products I’m gonna be writing about within the next few days. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I told you it’s cluttered.

Recently, I inherited my brother’s netbook. I’m the poor one in the family; I don’t have my own laptop because I don’t want to use the old box type laptops. They’re huge, slow and super heavy. I’ve been thinking of selling those (so I can fund my, but I don’t think my dad would let me… Anyway, yes – that’s the Lannister lion as the wallpaper.

I have a little notebook where I scribble notes and ideas for posts.

My traincase is on standby, just in case I would need to compare products or what not. And I find it incredibly therapeutic to arrange and rearrange the stuff inside it.

I’m just weird that way.

My external HD, which normally is attached to my work computer, but since I’m tinkering with my “new” netbook, I’m transferring files. I’m an IT person so I’m kinda OC when it comes to backups; I need to have atleast three computers or devices for my files.

I was taking product shots earlier too.

So as you can see, I’ll soon be posting about a brush cleaner (and how to clean one’s brushes), one of the most famous neutral palettes ever made, an much raved about eyebrow pencil, the flagship product of NARS and brushes I swear by.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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