Makeup Kit April 2012

7 Apr

Funny incident around two weeks ago when I was suddenly pulled out of my chair to apply makeup on an important person. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea since I thought my arsenal wasn’t enough (after all, it was all for personal use), but they were surprised how “complete” (daw) my kit was!

I don’t get it.

But anyway, it did evolve from my last post…

… Though some of the usual suspects are still there.

I’m sticking to the powder foundation for now, giving the liquid and my skin a bit of a break. But if I’m going out after work, I usually bring my NARS Sheer Glow. Tried and tested – minimal retouch needed.

I don’t apply as much concealer too; just on my dark circles and on one or two spots on my cheeks and chin.

Same thing with eyeliner! I’m not so dependent on it anymore it’s awesome. If I do need a bit more definition, I usually tightline – subtle but effective. I already have a reliable mascara and I’m more into the brows lately, hence two types of brow products.

And remember the impromptu makeup gig? I was so happy that I had this eyeshadow palette with me that time. I’m also trying to use up my Etude House Proof 10 so I can buy a new tube of UDPP.

I did not include what lipsticks because… well, I’m fickle. I change my mind all the time. My lipstick would depend on my mood but my no brainer shade is often red.

But the star of my kit? That’ll be the NARS blush over there. NARS Amour. Will write a review on that soon.

Have an awesome Easter Sunday, folks!


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