Haul: Benefit + NARS

14 Apr

I was not the most cheerful person today (or rather, yesterday – April 13). Was more than sullen, actually; I was downright contemptuous. It only lasted 24 hours, don’t worry.. So what’s a force of nature girl to do on a payday? Not much. Splurge, maybe?

It certainly was  helpful. I was feeling so much better after I got my loot.

Burn, Baby... BURN.

I’ve been watching Essie (www.essiebutton.com) on youtube for a while and I thought she’s pretty funny. Anywhoo, she mentioned some of these products:

  • NARS Luster blush
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow

… and I thought to try ’em out. I only have one item from Benefit (the concealaholic kit) and I sorta wanna try out their other stuff so instead of getting a MAC Paint Pot as I had initially planned, I thought of checking out their cream eyeshadows as I don’t own any of those.

I bought two: Birthday Suit and Samba-dy Loves Me. What? No judgement. It’s retail therapy, people. Besides, their SAs (I went to Shang) are really nice!

And the other one.. well, I’m addicted to NARS blushes. Again, no judgement.

I caannot wait to try ’em out. Maybe tomorrow when I’m off to the Heat Wave Bazaar at World Trade Center. Reviews to follow!


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