Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

14 Jun

I’m gonna start this with a disclaimer: I’m sick. I’m down with the flu and I have no idea where I got it from. Maybe it’s the weather or maybe I got it from somebody. No matter. It’s here and it looks like it’s going to stay for a while.


With that being said, I’ve decided to finally review a foundation that’s well-loved by celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

She featured this foundation in countless videos including the “highstreet/drugstore favorites” video. I noticed that she uses this particular foundation when she wants to achieve the “look-ma-no-foundation” effect.

And after trying it out for myself, I can definitely see why she likes it so much.


  • This is pretty light weight. I’ve worn this comfortably despite the bipolar weather we’ve been having recently.
  • Long wearing. Bourjois claims 16 hours and (although I didn’t really wear it for 16 hours) I can still see traces of this at the end of the day. Of course, I set this with powder so it could be a contributing factor to its staying power.
  • One of the reasons why Lisa loves this foundation is because it gives a very natural finish. She wasn’t kidding when she claimed that it’s “undetectable”. It’s similar to Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation; it looks like your skin but much, much better.
  • This foundation is buildable. It can go on sheer (good for if you have fairly good skin and just want to even it out) or you can pile it on for heavier coverage but it still looks natural.
  • The luminous / slightly dewy finish it gives is perfect for those suffering from dull skin (like me!).
  • The shade is rather neutral; neither too cool (pink) or warm (yellow).


  • This isn’t available locally! My mom bought this in Superdrug in the UK during her business trip. Now I’m wishing that I asked for two shades; the current shade that I have is my summer shade. For reference, I’m currently NC42 and the shade 56 Hale Clair is a perfect shade match.


  • I have mixed feelings about that pump. I mean, it’s good that it comes with a convenient dispenser but one whole pump gives very little product. It has its pros and cons.
  • This comes in a plastic bottle; not quite as classy as glass, but it’s suitable if you want to carry it in your everyday kit

VERDICT: This is a really good everyday foundation. In fact, it went straight to my everyday makeup kit. I’d stock up on this if I could. I’m almost done with my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation and I find that this is a nice alternative. So if you want a lightweight foundation that looks really natural, but still provides coverage, a subtle glow and a healthy-looking finish, give this a try.

PS: Be on the lookout for those who are doing pre-orders; maybe you can ask if they can purchase this for you.


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