Haul: Beauty Finds in Malaysia and Singapore

24 Aug

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures when I was in KL. I was too busy shopping and bonding with one of my BFFs. I was there for two days, really, and we had some serious shopping business to do.

I bought a number of things, including pasalubong for my bros and parents. I was really lucky that stuff were on sale during my visit so I bought a couple of shirts from Giordano (bros), Uniqlo tees for my mom and myself and I hoarded coffee for my dad.

Other than the tees I bought, I think we raided every single beauty shop we can find: Sephora, Inglot, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sasa, etc. I also killed time at the beauty section of Changi Airport on my way back.


Kinda Sexy, Lady Danger, Impassioned

I bought a couple of MAC Lipsticks. Hold on! I know we have MAC here, but seriously? If you think I’d pass up the chance to buy shades that we don’t have (locally) at a price much cheaper than what’s being sold here, you’ve got to be kidding.  These MAC lippies – Kinda Sexy, Impassioned and Lady Danger (Yes!) – were being sold at RM68 (Php 884) per tube. A MAC lipstick here costs Php1000.

Lancome Teint Miracle

My first stop at Sephora (we went to the KLCC branch), we spent an hour there and while my shopping buddy had an armload of goodies, I walked out empty handed. GASP. I couldn’t justify buying UDPP, even if it was just a wee bit cheaper there. I also planned on getting that Soap and Glory cleansing mask but it was too expensive. I spotted Clarisonic and I took off the other direction before I did something stupid (like.. I dunno, buy it). I made a beeline for the Lancome counter though, since I’ve been wanting the Lancome Teint Miracle. It was priced at RM135 (Php 1755). I think locally, it’s being sold at Php2000++. I didn’t grab it though; I spent the whole day thinking about it and when we went to Pavillion Mall the next day, I quickly dropped by the Sephora at Starhill Gallery and bought it.

Inglot Freedom System

I was beyond excited to visit the infamous Inglot that we travelled from KLCC to Midvalley Mega Mall (cab fare was ridiculous, btw) just to visit Inglot. They didn’t have the AMC Cream Foundation so I settled for just the Freedom System. I got the 5-color palette at RM35 (Php455) and the eyeshadow refills at RM30 (Php390) each.

At Changi Airport in Singapore, I spent an hour and a half just looking at the beauty stuff.

I remember passing by Guardian and doubling back. Before leaving Manila, I read somewhere that Guardian in Changi didn’t carry Bioderma Sensibio… I thank my lucky stars that I was too stubborn to believe that. I spotted it on the shelf and it was an instant OMG-Must-Buy-This moment. The 250ml bottle was priced at S$39 (I need to check the receipt). Expensive for a makeup remover, but well worth it, I think. This stuff is not easy to procure around here.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

The beauty section of Nuance-Watsons houses high end brands and a few drugstore ones. I wandered over to the YSL counter and eyed the much coveted Touche Eclat but I put it down, thinking it wasn’t worth the splurge. I checked out Guerlain, Dior, Elizabeth Arden, and the other brands. I stopped to swatch foundations at the Chanel counter. Since I already bought an Eldridge favorite – the bioderma – might as well get another: the Vitalumiere Aqua (S$59 or Php1947). Face it, I won’t get another chance to buy a Chanel foundation for that price. God knows how much that will cost around here. For kicks, I might just drop by Rustans and ask. Haha.

So anyway: 3 lipsticks, 2 high end foundations, 5 eyeshadows and one makeup remover. I might be pretty broke right now, but I’m also very, very happy.


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