Introduction: Books and Reviews

23 Sep

Let’s take a break from the makeup and let me introduce the other half of this blog: books.

Come on, just look at the name!

Way before I got interested in foundations and lipsticks, I’ve always been a rather well-read person. Initially, I didn’t think that I was until my mentor pointed out, in class no less.

Trainee: I like to read books
Teach: What books do you like to read?
Trainee: The Twilight Series
Me: *snort* oh boy
Teach: You should try other books. Ask Sara for titles; she has excellent taste.

Kinda biased, really. A good 30% of the books I’ve read are recommendations from her. There was even a time when I’d be in college and I’d finish one book after another because every time I’d run into her, she’d always ask me what book I was reading and what my thoughts are.

On books that I like: My fascination with books started just around the time when I started to learn how to draw. The first books I read were the big picture books on fairy tales, where the characters look like puppets. I guess this is how I got into fantasy, horror, sci-fi (not so much), and overall, the weird.

I have a soft spot for twisted fairy tales.

I like weird; subtle like low fantasy or extreme, very Lovecraft-esque weird.

I’ve been familiar with the vampire lore through Bram Stoker, Richard Matheson and Anne Rice’s Brat Prince long before Stephenie Meyer thought that a sparkly vampire is a charming idea.

I adore high fantasy, secondary or parallel worlds, unlikely heroes, villains with substance, and unique magic systems.

I’m very particular about the books I read and those that I like; there’s a difference.

On books that I own: I’m very anal about the books in my collection. I’m very shrewd; I audit my collection twice a year. I also know who borrows from me and I inspect the state of my books before they borrow and after they return it.

I think it’s common courtesy to return the book in the exact same state it was borrowed.

Like my makeup, I only buy what I like. And as with any makeup product, I read reviews first. If I’m out of books to read, I’d use Amazon’s “recommendation” widget or I’ll drop by Fullybooked, prowl the aisles and take notes; I list titles, authors and I Google them when I get home.

Sometimes, if I can find the PDF or the ebook, I’d download and read that. If I like it, I’ll buy the book. So yes, I’ve read more books than I actually own.

Just the mass market paperbacks; trade paperback and hard cover editions not included


Anyway, I’ll be including book reviews in this blog too and you can expect it to be lengthy ones.


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