Review: MAC Deeply Adored

6 Nov

I was fortunate enough to score a two lippies from the much coveted Marilyn Monroe collection at MAC. Knowing that it’s gonna be sold out as soon as the products are released at our local MAC counters, I just went with pre-ordering the lippies via Carefree Shopper (I usually get my LE items from here).


Anyway, since it’s a Marilyn collection, it’s bound to have awesome lipstick shades. I got the two reds (no surprise there): Charmed I’m Sure and Deeply Adored.

Marilyn Monroe!

Finally having a chance to take product shots during the long weekend, I altogether gave up on my sad attempts to wear tame, peachy-pink lippies and revert back to my brights. I wore Deeply Adored today!

MAC Deeply Adored

MAC Deeply Adored is described as a deep scarlet. It’s a dark red with a touch of brown and a hint of berry, so I don’t have anything like it.

A close up look


  • Pigmented
  • It’s in the new matte formulation; not at all drying (but then I applied this with a coat of lip balm since my lips are rather flaky lately)
  • Glides nicely (surprising for a matte)
  • Since it’s a rather dark shade, the lasting power is pretty good; it lasted well past lunch and a starbucks coffee with minimal fading. I applied this at 11am and it’s still holding up pretty well (it’s approx 5:38pm)
  • I actually like the packaging! … then again, I’m a sucker for black, white and red.
  • Come on, it’s Marilyn Monroe.


  • Limited edition
  • Sold out locally and online (unless you can find a reseller or buy it second hand)


  • If you missed out on this shade, I’m sure there’s a dupe out there, somewhere.


(I was supposed to be working.. but what the heck, it’s just one picture)

It looks a lot darker in person too.

Verdict? I like it. Though it’s not exactly an “omg-must-buy-backup-tube”, but it’s unique enough, compared to the other shades in my stash so yes, I will be keeping this. And I’ll be wearing it too! It’s a villain’s red! T’is the season for darker lips, after all.


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