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Capsule Review and a Peek Inside My Longchamp

6 Oct

I recently got myself a Longchamp Le Pliage. You know, the infamous nylon tote bag? It’s a little late, but I really wasn’t considering the fad; I wanted a bag that was:

  • sturdy
  • roomy
  • lightweight
  • simple
  • waterproof
  • non-fussy
  • easy to clean

The Le Pliage seemed to fit this so I finally caved in and bought one. Since I plan on this being my everyday/work bag, I bought myself the medium tote with long handles. I don’t carry a lot, per se, so I don’t see the point of buying the large one (though this claim might come back and bite me in the ass; I’m really tempted on getting a big one now).

It’s also a plus that there are so many knock-offs out there that I’m sure thieves are pretty sick of seeing this bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage (Medium Long Handles)

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Face Off: Jansport Ella vs Crumpler Headaitch

10 Jul

As mentioned in my previous post: I’m going to KL! And I’m currently obsessed with “what’s in my travel bag” videos on youtube. I get a kick out of seeing the stuff people lug around when traveling… some of ’em, you’d think, look like they’re carrying their entire bedroom.

Anyway, one trend I’m seeing is that 85% of these videos would show them carrying a fancy (or not so much) tote or purse and it does makes me wonder if that’s even a good idea to begin with.

A tote bag isn’t a no-no, but I think you gotta consider the amount of stuff you’ll be packing (and the weight of the stuff put together). Personally, I’d go for something that could withstand airport scanners, being tossed and dragged around…

Jansport Ella Tote vs. Crumpler Headaitch

And.. ahem, I’d been meaning to buy a new bag for my everyday use. Help me pick? 😀

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