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30 Oct

There’s a noticeable lack of activity in this blog but that’s because we’re setting up a revamped version of I Play the Villain over at a different URL. Revamping includes a new layout (omg finally), a wider scope of topics and a different dot com.

If you follow me on twitter (iplaythevillain), you’re probably aware that I am moving in a slightly different direction this coming 2013; I’m dead set on focusing on my writing (blogging included), my freelance projects and I may even be going back to the Academe.

You could say that I’m actually working on doing things that I like, for a change.

So… yeah! Keep a lookout for the¬†announcement. Soon. Very soon.


Blogs: The Beauty Junkee’s 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway

12 Apr

You see that drool-worthy pile? That’s only a part of what Martha of The Beauty Junkee is giving away for her 3rd Year Anniversary! She has Php 70,000 worth of goodies for her loyal readers. To find out how to score one of the bundles/loots she’ll be giving away, head on over to her blog and read the mechanics.

In fact.. I might just join! I’ll have to wait until I get off work though; I just thought I’d spare a few minutes to writing this out.



PS: I’ve posted a banner (on the right) and it’s an image that’ll direct you to Martha’s blog and giveaway post, for future reference.

Spotted: Guest Review on Project Vanity

20 Oct

Project Vanity is the brainchild of Liz Lanuzo and I stumbled upon it a year (or so) ago when I was looking for reviews. I’m not new to the world of blogs and bloggers, but what I loved about Project Vanity is that it takes time to review products that are applicable to the local market and she doesn’t discriminate; she reviews both drugstore and high end brands.

I think Project Vanity is the first beauty blog that I really took the time to read and it became something that I check everyday.

Working as a social media person, I can honestly say that directing traffic to your site, fanpage, twitter account or blog isn’t easy. The World Wide Web is a messy jumble of images, text and pages that are linked together. It takes a lot of work to engage people and to get them to visit your site everyday. Liz managed to do just that. So when she picked me to do a couple of reviews for her, I jumped to the chance – not because I want traffic to my blog, but because it’s a chance to contribute to fellow readers and, seriously, just how many can say no when Liz Lanuzo BBMs you on a Sunday morning asking if you’re up for an afternoon of coffee and chatting with her? ūüėõ

After (almost) two weeks of testing the products that Liz gave me, my first guest review is up on Project Vanity [dot] com.

That's me!

If you’re wondering what I reviewed for her, it’s this:


Don’t forget to check it out here!

TBJ’s Commenter of the Month

10 Oct

Last Saturday, my friend was gloating how she (and her colleague) won prizes at the Trendsetter’s Bazaar while I didn’t. Sadly, she’s got a point; I never do win at these things. So imagine my surprise when I was skimming through the blogs I religiously follow and I saw this:

1st Commenter for the Month of October: Sara Garces

It was from¬†The Beauty Junkee‘s blog. Friendly, fun and downright awesome (and not to mention super pretty – seriously, have you seen her pictures??), Martha, who I first met when I purchased a Missha BB cream from her, since then became somebody I “talk” to on almost a regular basis. Right now I’m helping her work out the kinks of her blog so you just¬†have¬†to watch out what we’re working on! If you’re thinking what I’m getting out of helping, your answer right there: I get to help out, as cliche as it might sound. I absolutely did¬†not¬†even dream of getting anything in return, moreso¬†winning¬†something; I’m pretty content with being able to talk to somebody I admire (she’s one of my fave bloggers) and I get to know ’em better. I’m not presumptuous enough to say that we’re close, or even friends (yet), but if it goes in that direction, why not, right? I have a fair share of Internet-turned-real friends and they’re pretty neat. I’d be super flattered and humbled to be considered her friend, especially since TBJ is a blog that I follow religiously.

Anyway, I won a¬†Strip It! Sugaring wax. Been reading raves about this product and I can’t wait to see for myself what the hype is all about.

By the way, I’m not the only Commenter of the Month (for October). Martha still has FOUR more gift packs¬†so make sure you visit her blog, follow the mechanics and maybe she’ll send a gift pack your way too!

Blogging on the go

7 Sep
wordpress for blackberry

wordpress for blackberry

I was browsing the interwebs for a tool that can help my blogging wherever I go. I considered the iPod touch, iPad2, a netbook and even the android aPad. Then I realized that I have a perfectly decent blogging tool in my hands: my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

BB has a wordpress app that I can use to blog. I’ve had it for a long time so I guess it’s just the lazy blogger in me, making up all sorts of excuses just so I wouldn’t blog. And my BB is subscribed to an unlimited data plan.

So I guess I’ll have to make full use of the wordpress app for BlackBerry, even if the pictures aren’t that desirable.

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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