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Review: MAC Deeply Adored

6 Nov

I was fortunate enough to score a two lippies from the much coveted Marilyn Monroe collection at MAC. Knowing that it’s gonna be sold out as soon as the products are released at our local MAC counters, I just went with pre-ordering the lippies via Carefree Shopper (I usually get my LE items from here).


Anyway, since it’s a Marilyn collection, it’s bound to have awesome lipstick shades. I got the two reds (no surprise there): Charmed I’m Sure and Deeply Adored.

Marilyn Monroe!

Finally having a chance to take product shots during the long weekend, I altogether gave up on my sad attempts to wear tame, peachy-pink lippies and revert back to my brights. I wore Deeply Adored today!

MAC Deeply Adored

MAC Deeply Adored is described as a deep scarlet. It’s a dark red with a touch of brown and a hint of berry, so I don’t have anything like it.

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Current Favorites: Foundations

12 Sep

I’ve been enjoying good skin days lately; supple, zero breakouts and fading blemishes. I might write about my skin care routine now that I finally managed to nail products that work together in making my skin cooperate. But today’s post isn’t about that.

Although I don’t have any serious issues with my skin (so far), I still appreciate a good base. So much so that each of the foundations that I own has a specific purpose. My brother once asked me, upon seeing all the bottles I have: “What psycho needs 8 bottles of foundation??”

Here are my current favorites and what I use them for:

Current Favorites: Foundations

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Review: MAC Impassioned

4 Sep

Ever since I got MAC Party Parrot, I’ve discovered my fascination with red-pinks. PP is definitely one of my favorites; I receive compliments every time I use it. Sadly, it’s a limited edition color and I don’t have a backup tube so I don’t use it as often as I’d like, for the fear of finishing the product without a backup tube.

I really hope that MAC repromotes the shade. Imma buy 5 of those if/when they do.

For now, I try to acquire close dupes and one of them is MAC Impassioned. I bought this at MAC Pavillion Mall in KL for RM68 (Php 884).

MAC Impassioned

Uncanny resemblance to this, huh? Let’s see how it compares.

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Review: MAC Eyeshadows

21 Feb

When it comes to storing/organizing makeup, I actually have limited space. I don’t own a vanity table, dresser or shelf, my stuff lives inside my train case. So as you can guess, I can’t keep buying stuff my box can’t accommodate. S’all good, in a way; it gives me another factor to consider before I burn money on something and worry about where to store it afterwards.

And lately, I’ve taken to buying eye shadow singles. MAC, in particular. Since these things cost Php 900 apiece, it makes me want to keep the pots and the boxes. Knowing that I can’t because I have a storage problem, I did the next best thing: I bought an empty 15-pan palette.

As of today, this is what I’ve got:

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Haul: You’ve Got Mail

11 Feb

You’d think that for a Friday, things would wind down a little. Sadly, that’s not how it works in the corporate world. In fact, yesterday, I felt like banging my head against the wall. Repeatedly.

But luckily, something arrived in the mail and my dad went to the post office to claim the package.

Gads, I think my last “haul” was back in December. I haven’t really bought anything since. One of my BFFs (and personal enabler), bought me a few MAC goodies! Dude, I love ya to bits and I will return the favor one day.

They’re in refill pans! Atleast I won’t have to inhale the toxic fumes of burning plastic when depotting the eyeshadows.

MAC Mythical (LE from the MAC Me Over Collection), Expensive Pink, Samoa Silk and Arena.

Imma destress this weekend by playing with these new babies! Hmm… might have to write out my thoughts on MAC eyeshadows now that I have a dozen in my palette. Have an awesome weekend ahead!

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