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21 Nov

I’m now at, folks. Thanks for following this blog!


The IT Dudes

18 May

I’m not sure when was the last time I mentioned this, of if I ever did, but I have deep roots in IT. I hold a degree in IT. Yes, I’m aware that I have raw talent in art, design and writing but according to my diploma, I should also be able to ¬†code, analyze, understand technology and machines and all that jazz. Heck, I’m working as a Marketing Officer, but I’m glued to the computer all day because I’m the “IT” (or rather, the online) side of the marketing team.

Like I said, deep roots. Sometimes, I get along with the IT folks better.

I normally focus on the aesthetics hence the design jobs on the side. But lately, I’ve been incredibly busy. I’ll soon be going back to the Advertising industry so if anything, I’ll be even busier than I already am.

Anyway, so what’s the point of all this? I’m here to announce that I’m not gonna be doing any design jobs for now.

I feel for you, buddy. (from here)

But wait, there’s more!

If you want or need your blog layout or website done, I leave that to the boys:

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I Play the Villain: Finally on Facebook

29 Mar

Yes, I finally have a fanpage. Considering my little boy/dog has a fanpage, I figured that I should get one too.

Now I just have to ask (nicely, of course) all you lovely people to visit my page at and show support by liking it. Spread the word! Love y’all!

Puppy Day at Hobbes and Landes

25 Mar

It’s Puppy Day at Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High Street! This is the reason why I woke up a little (just a little) earlier than usual. I’m gonna be there to listen to my friend, Wendell Sabile talk about responsible breeding.

Drop by when you can!

Contest: BCH Hubster Summer Quiz

24 Mar

Join BPOCareerHub’s Promo by clicking on the poster!

Pretty simple, really: take the quiz as many times as you want and you might win a trip for two to Boracay. Visit our fanpage:¬†and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thanks, everyone!

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